Monday, June 17, 2013

My Gymnastics Girl!

So, Emery has one more competition for this season. I am so proud of my baby girl.  At the beginning of her 3rd grade school year, she had taken 4 maybe 5 gymnastics classes.  We were in a better financial situation so we decided to put her in gymnastics.  I was super excited!!! So we put her in a recreational gymnastics class and it was soon discovered she was advanced.  They (the gymnastics teachers) put her in a gymnastics class that was more advanced and still she needed something more challenging.  One day, I asked about competitive gymnastics.  The coach tested her and said she was a quick learner....and at the age of 8, she was young to start.  haha! The coach said she could practice with the competitive team, since they were forming the teams for the next season.  They put her in Level 3 and a couple months later she was a Level 4.  It has been so fun to see her learn and grow.  Sadly, Emery chose not to do competitive gymnastics next year.  =( I am kindof one sad momma...but can understand.

I have a few videos of her last competition but am having problems putting them on here.  So sorry! You'll have to do with some pics. =)


Sarah Turley said...

Love it! She is so cute!

Maxmomma said...

Britt! That is so cool. I had not kn own about this talent of hers. Really, really cool! Even though she isn't pursuing it this next year, it is always fun to know she has that ability. Maybe one day she'll want to again, or maybe not-- but either way, she has an awesome and supportive mom! (This is Kristen btw... It will probably make me post as Glenn....)

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