Thursday, September 15, 2011

...I love

...I love that every morning, Miles cuddles with me. He has his routine of getting a pillow and putting it next to my head. After he gets his pillow next to mine, he puts the "boppy" (the nursing pillow) and puts it on top of his pillow and then we name off the parts of the body he knows. (eye, ear, nose, head)

...I love how Miles is starting to repeat words. Balloon (th-oon), drink, pillow, ow, no...are some.

...I love that Ethan is learning his alphabet and the sounds to the letters. He spelt fox all by himself and then Emery played a game with him. She thought of three letter words and Ethan had to spell them out. And he did great!

...I love how Emery cleans her room up every night. She says she can't sleep when it is messy.

... I love that Emery insists on having a salad for her "sack lunch." She saw a friend who had a salad in her lunch and thought it was a good idea.

...I love how Preston prays that he'll be happy in his prayers. But not only does he pray that he'll be happy...but Mom, Dad, Emery, Ethan, Miles will be happy on earth.

...I love how Jac works unbelievably hard for his family. I love that he works hard so that I might be able to stay home and be with my beautiful children. Yes, difficult sometimes...but my treasures.


Morgan and Joel said...

Wow, you blogged??? Crazy! :P Those are good things to love.


Cool post Boo, I like it! Thanks for your comment on my blog, you are too kind. lots of love xoox

Sarah Turley said...

It's about time you blogged!

Rochelle said...

Woo hoo nice to hear from you again!! :)

ali said...

Hmmm....I love watching my children love my grandchildren! You are amazing!