Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mickey D's

Jac went up with some of his co-workers and go skiing. It was for one night and a day....but still, that gave me the excuse to go out to eat. I talked with my friend and we promised each other that we would meet each other at the playground at McDonalds.

I was on my way to McDonalds and realized that there was no playground at this particular McDonalds. So I got my handy GPS and searched for McDonalds Playland. It popped another McDonalds restaurant up close-by so I followed "Gabby's" voice and made it there. (yes we call the voice on our GPS - Gabby - or as Jac puts it Gabby Google) And Yet...another McDonalds without a playland. It was late, kids were hungry and I was grumpy. We ate there.

Gathered all the kids up, got all their food, got their drinks, got into their seats at the table, was holding Miles on my lap and Presters needed to use the bathroom. AaAh...never a quiet moment...to sit down and enjoy the meal without getting up 20 times. Anyway, got Presters situated and we were all a little happier now that we were eating.

The cashier who took our order came up to us and gave me a gift card to McDonalds and said that the person who was giving this to you wanted to let you know that you had a beautiful family. Talk about how sweet and generous!!! After this incident, my burden was lightened. Thank you!!


Morgan and Joel said...

Sweet! So how does that work when Preston needs to go potty - do you take the entire troop or does Em stay in charge of Ethan or what??

Rochelle said...

I love this, that is so sweet! We call our GPS Lola, and I totally didn't know you could search for a MCD's playland, I am trying that next time I travel for sure even though i think we know where most of them are on the way to California, and well that is the only place we ever go. ha ha. And bathroom breaks drive me crazy, every where we go every one has to go at different times. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH good times though:)``