Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hudson Holiday Lights

We went to another night of fun! We drove down to Denver and went to the Hudson Holiday Lights. It was at the Hudson Gardens and Event Center. All I can say is...WAY FUN! It was fun walking around the gardens and seeing all the light displays. They had a cool house that was hooked up to music and different parts of the lights played with different parts of the songs. Kids loved it...and most of all, we went with our friends! They were such good sports about trekking and waiting for us with our 4 kids. (oh, and they have twin baby girls) We actually went to dinner and made a fun night out of it all. And, we got the tickets 1/2 price. Such a great night...have to do it again.


Sarah Turley said...

Fun! GUess what!!! Only 4 more days!

Tanjul Sarkar said...

i loved to see ur happy family..good wishes...it continues as it is....lots love...:)