Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emery's loose tooth

It is interesting to Emery to check every night to see how many loose teeth she has. (it was always about 4 teeth that were loose)

Yesterday I picked her up from school and her top tooth was VERY loose. She wanted to pull on it and take it out. I told her to keep wiggling it, and it will get really loose.

Needless to say, she was OBSESSED about pulling her tooth out. She would take streams of toilet paper and wrap it around her tooth to try and pull it out. (quite funny) At bed time, she sat herself in front of the mirror and was determined to pull her tooth out. She got it so it was bleeding a little bit, and she freaked out every time she saw blood. But she didn't mind twisting her loose tooth sideways in her mouth and making funny faces. Finally, when we all gave up...there was a little voice in the bathroom that said, "I pulled it out. See, I told you it would come out." (yes, a little fact about Emery...she likes to prove her point ALWAYS...some might say she argues about "almost" everything...and this is the case...even if she is wrong) I sure do love my sweet pea.
The tooth fairy came and left her 50 cents...and Emery was thrilled!


Andy said...

what a gorgeous face your lil Emmy has. Way to go Emery for losing your tooth.

Maxmomma said...

What an adventure! Max has already started worrying about losing teeth :)... It will be funny to see how he handles it! Those pictures with her beautiful face show how much she looks like you- that is wonderful!