Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can I have a New Years Resolution yet?

I have thought of my New Years Resolution and that is....write in my blog once a week. I have neglected writing, and have found that I have been missing a lot of the "going-on's" that happen around here.
So even if it is a week loads least I'm writing...and my sister Morgan won't be mad at me. =)
This week's "going-on's"
Relief Society Meeting: In my ward, I'm the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. So for our holiday meeting we decided to base it off the book "The Hundred Dresses." It was a fun idea and it actually turned out really well. We, of course, had a nice dinner. We had a speaker do a slide show of the book, then had some songs and then had another speaker talk about how this book relates to her in her life and focused it around Jesus. We did this enrichment with another ward. My ward was in charge of the decorations. Here is some...not so good pics of the evening. I couldn't have done it all by myself. Thank you so much for everyone that made it possible to have a beautiful night!

Christmas Tree: This year we decided to get a fake tree - since we are renting, less we have to worry about: needles and fire hazard. I hit a Black Friday sale and got a lit tree for way cheap. Isn't our tree beautiful!

Christmas package: We got a package from Grandma! Thank you Mom!!! There was several presents that were labeled "Open Now." We got advent calendars - which I'm really excited about...couldn't find them thanks Mom! And a fun hat that jingles to "Jingle Bells" music.

Haha...these just make me laugh!


Sarah Turley said...

Yeah it's about time you blog!!! I miss you guys!

Rochelle said...

Yipee I like that NY resolution, I should follow.

Maxmomma said...

So fun! I love your new resolution! I will admire if you pull it off- four kids can't leave you with much spare time! Your tree does look beautiful! Good work on that Enrichment night- gorgeous!

Andy said...

I just scrolled down and noticed this posting. Way to go Britt- you are really making an effort to keep your blog updated. Thank you! Your cute little family is always fun to read about and adore. Love the tree, and love your kids faces with the dancing hat on their heads. My kids have a similar look when they wear it. Lots of love!