Friday, July 9, 2010


*WARNING: Kindof a little gross*

Let me give you a little background: About 2 weeks ago, I had strep. Not a fun experience. My sweet hubby took a day and a half off of work so I could sleep. He took care of the kids while I took care of myself. I am so grateful for him. Needless to say - that "long" weekend was full of TV and movies. =)

Present: On Thursday at 3:00am - I felt like I was coming down with strep AGAIN. My throat was killing me. So, when I actually got up - the right side of my throat was EXTREMELY swollen. I went to the doctors and dragged my 4 little cuties with me. Yes, I was positive with strep....but the doctor wouldn't prescribe me any medicine. (ARE YOU SERIOUS!) She wanted me to go a "eyes, ears and throat" doctor to make sure that there wasn't a cyst on my tonsils. (she was concerned that there would be since it swelled sooo much in such a little time) She told me that she already called him and that he would be waiting for me. (I was so emotional that I started to cry just thinking about taking my kids to Boulder - which I don't know very well - with a swollen throat and more doctor visits all during their quiet time: THIS WAS NOT FUN)

I called Jac and he was so nice to meet up with me and help me find my way. So I went to the new doctors. I was talking with the doc and he looked in my throat and believed that there was a cyst back there. He told me that there was 2 things I could do. (1) He could cut a slit in my tonsils and let it ooze out or (2) set an appt. to get my tonsils out in the morning. He told me that I needed to do it immediately. what does one do when her husband is in the car with the kids...and would like to have her husband there for the procedure. So...I did what I do best: Cry.

I went and told Jac and we called some people from our Ward who live in Boulder. They were awesome!! My heart is so touched and grateful that they were willing to watch our 4 kids so Jac could be with me.

So the Doc did his business - and there was no cyst after all. For the past 2 days I have not been able to speak. I did get antibiotics...and so I'm feeling better...just tired. One of the good things that has happened during this trial is the weight loss. haha.

(Sorry this post is looonngg...I guess Morg, I'm just catching up on all of our lost time hopefully you didn't fall asleep while I'm telling you every single detail of my last few days)


Lauren said...

Oh, Britt! You poor thing! I'm glad you're starting to feel better! I hope all is well now and you're on the road to feeling like yourself again! Love you!

Maxmomma said...

Britt! I'm so sorry! I think the Dr.'s is horrendous with three kids- I can't imagine four! I hope you are getting better. Love you!

Morgan and Joel said...

Sakes alive, lady!!!!! When did all this happen?????? I'm so sorry b. I hope that you are okay and feeling better now. I'm glad that there was no cyst. I'm picking up my phone now to call you...

Sarah Turley said...

Ahh Britty! I'm sorry! That sucks.

ali said...

You needed your mother! We could have cried together and let Jac do all the work! See what you miss when you move so far away?????