Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spa Night

I just got back from our Ward's Relief Society Meeting Spa Night. I thought it was a HUGE success!!!

About 3 weeks ago, we had a planning meeting and came up with the spa night stations. We had it at a person's house so we could have candle light. Her house was SOOOO beautiful and perfect! We had 3 stations. We had a nail painting station, a hand scrub station and a foot soak (which we actually soaked our feet in her hot tub) I realize I could have done the foot soak all night!

We introduced all the stations and let everyone go where they wanted to go. The night was just perfect. The friendships that people had with each other were strengthened....and even new friendships were formed. It was VERY relaxing....even for the people planning it.

My prayers were answered and I am so grateful for this wonderful blessing! I am so grateful for the committee members who helped me put this together. Thank you!

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Maxmomma said...

Wow! What a cool enrichment night! Seriously brilliant Britt. Love and miss you!