Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Update

Jac had Friday off since he worked late one night. We wanted to do something we went to the Aquarium! We were going to go to the Zoo...but it had snowed the night before. Crazy!! We were getting so used to the Spring weather. =(

So, back to the Aquarium. It was the kids first time....and also Jac's! It was their Friday Family the kids got a discount at the aquarium and ate at the restaurant for 2 bucks. We had a blast! The exhibits were awesome...and I seriously cannot believe how BIG some fish get. The kids could ride them! Yee haw!

They got to pet sting rays. They were slimy but it was cool. We will definitely have to go there again. Emery loved the sharks. It was one of her favorite parts.

On Saturday, we met up with Jac's friends and ate out at "the Med." We went during their Happy Hour. (what time exactly is Happy hour...haven't a clue) But they had an awesome menu. We tried a little bit of everything....and it was DELICIOUS! We will be going again....I'm sure.

So our normal days are filled with Emery going to school, and then riding bikes around our little neighborhood. Emery gave a talk today in church and Ethan said the prayer. We are feeling very blessed to be here and can see the Lord's hand in our lives. I am extremely in love with my family.


Morgan and Joel said...

Jac has never been before???? Deprived childhood, I say.

When we go to Cali in May we want to take the kids to look at the fish too...

Jack said his first prayer in primary a few weeks ago and now his eyes brims with tears each time there is a prayer and he doesn't get to do it.

ali said...

We love your family too! We love the pictures and your comments. We think that Ethan is naturally hystericallly funny...and he doesn't even know it!
Love to all! Mom