Friday, February 26, 2010

Mi Casa - Some photos

The Backyard!
It totally is a yard compared with our last piece of land. (hehe)

The Kitchen
LOVE it!
The table matches with the tile floor and countertops!

The Front Room
We got overstuffed chairs that match perfectly with our old couch.
(and do you see my storm trooper...Ethan found that shortly after we unpacked it and seriously would not take it off for a week!)

Our Living Room
(yea...need a better shot)
But you do get to see our new couch, lamp, and end table....can you say that my sweetie spoils me? Love you Jac! And thanks so much for the new furniture!!!


Morgan and Joel said...


Lauren said...

I love it, Britt! It looks so nice! I bet y'all are loving it!

Maxmomma said...

Looks GREAT! Good work! New furniture is so fun- or at least I dream it would be :)... ours was new when we got married, I have to remember that was a blessing!

How are you liking it there? I'm so glad you posted these pics- it's fun to see your place!

Rochelle said...


ali said...

Boy, that new job must be paying pretty dang good! Nice furniture that fits in perfectly with your home decor.