Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day #5

We've been living in our house for 5 days now. Everything is still in boxes and I am not stressing out so much (yes, I have my moments) but it is bothering Jac more than it is me. I actually cleaned the kitchen so you could see the counter. The kids and I straightened the downstairs (aka. ME) to get ready to get our new furniture tomorrow!!! We got a couple of couches, a couple of over stuffed chairs and some end tables. It will look really nice, I think. I'll post pics later.
A lot of the boxes that are left are the clothes boxes. So, I feel like I have boxes and boxes of laundry to put away....umm...what can I say...it's not my cup of tea.

We went to church on Sunday. It is at 9am....so we needed to leave the house at 8:30am and travel 15ish min. to church to be on time. Did that happen? nope. But nonetheless, we got to church and love our ward. Everyone is so nice! In Sunday school, Jac and I said the prayers. I got welcomed in RS and then after RS was over got bombarded by people getting my information. I even got my pic taken for the spotlight. What can I say? They are on top of things! We even had a family pic taken for the upcoming directory. It was nice and the kids had fun at primary. There are only 33 Primary children. (that is including my 3 kids) So, yes, a change from Utah. I am excited to be in the ward and I hope to make new friends and help progress the Lord's work.

Today, I tried to enroll Emery into kindergarden. I took the four kids and dropped of papers that Emery's old school gave me to give to her new school. The secretary told me I had to go online and fill out some papers and then bring them back to her. So while filling those out was harder than I thought...just being here 5 days, I have no emergency contact or doctor information. What do you do?

I also found out that there is no bus system. I have to take Emery to school everyday and pick her up. Umm...also not my cup of tea...but I guess that's what I have to do. Did I mention that her school is k-8? So picking up Emery from school everyday is going to be a little crazy with all the parents of the kids picking their kids up at the same time. Fun, fun. Why they don't have a bus system...I don't know. I guess I'll keep you posted on that.


Rheanna said...

9am church would kill me right now-I'd never make it! Good luck on getting organized. I didn't even move right after having Naomi and I feel like my house is a disorganized mess, can't imagine moving everything! Glad you like your ward, that's so important!

Maxmomma said...

I am totally impressed by all you've accomplished in 5 days! I sure miss you Britt, but I am excited for this new adventure you're beginning. How fun to get a new set of furniture! Glenn and I dream of it, but haven't committed to it yet. I'm excited to see the pics. Love you!