Thursday, February 18, 2010

Answered Question

Phew...I finally enrolled Emery into school. YEA!!! She is very excited to meet new friends. So, I am totally bugged that I have to take Emery to school every day. Yes, you can call me lazy....or just busy with 3 other kids at home that it is just more of a convenience than anything else.

I asked the secretary at the school why don't they have any bus system for the kids and she said that we live too close to the school so that is why there is no bus offered. Talk about craziness picking up Emery from school. (I actually haven't picked her up yet....but I can just imagine)
But I guess that is all part of the Colorado adventure!


Kristin said...

Good luck honey! Where exactly are you living? I'd like to googlemap you. :)

Rochelle said...

UGG, On the days I volunteer at Dalans school I am very thankful for buses, because it is so crazy AND time consuming. You'll have to start car pooling, but I guess that is hard if you have 4 kids:). Good LUCK!!!

Dione said...

This last year is the first in 14 years that I haven't had to drive my kids to and from school. I love the bus!

Congratulations on the move! It has been an adventure for us living outside of Utah. I'm sure you'll enjoy this adventure!