Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Side Note

I am very happy that we moved. I am sad I had to leave family and friends...and miss them greatly...but with that even being said...I am happy.

The Lord is looking out for my little family....and for that I am truly grateful! My hubby loves his job and the people he works with, my children are happy with school and are meeting friends, and I look at my life and feel a great sense of peace. The Lord has truly sent angels to lift my burdens. In moving to Colorado, I had my mother who helped much more than she needed too, my mother-in-law whom she let us stay at her home with in transition, and awesome friends who reminded me what friendship was all about. And while being here, I know I don't have any related family, but I prayed for at least one friend...and the Lord has blessed me already with much more.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mi Casa - Some photos

The Backyard!
It totally is a yard compared with our last piece of land. (hehe)

The Kitchen
LOVE it!
The table matches with the tile floor and countertops!

The Front Room
We got overstuffed chairs that match perfectly with our old couch.
(and do you see my storm trooper...Ethan found that shortly after we unpacked it and seriously would not take it off for a week!)

Our Living Room
(yea...need a better shot)
But you do get to see our new couch, lamp, and end table....can you say that my sweetie spoils me? Love you Jac! And thanks so much for the new furniture!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Answered Question

Phew...I finally enrolled Emery into school. YEA!!! She is very excited to meet new friends. So, I am totally bugged that I have to take Emery to school every day. Yes, you can call me lazy....or just busy with 3 other kids at home that it is just more of a convenience than anything else.

I asked the secretary at the school why don't they have any bus system for the kids and she said that we live too close to the school so that is why there is no bus offered. Talk about craziness picking up Emery from school. (I actually haven't picked her up yet....but I can just imagine)
But I guess that is all part of the Colorado adventure!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day #5

We've been living in our house for 5 days now. Everything is still in boxes and I am not stressing out so much (yes, I have my moments) but it is bothering Jac more than it is me. I actually cleaned the kitchen so you could see the counter. The kids and I straightened the downstairs (aka. ME) to get ready to get our new furniture tomorrow!!! We got a couple of couches, a couple of over stuffed chairs and some end tables. It will look really nice, I think. I'll post pics later.
A lot of the boxes that are left are the clothes boxes. So, I feel like I have boxes and boxes of laundry to put away....umm...what can I's not my cup of tea.

We went to church on Sunday. It is at we needed to leave the house at 8:30am and travel 15ish min. to church to be on time. Did that happen? nope. But nonetheless, we got to church and love our ward. Everyone is so nice! In Sunday school, Jac and I said the prayers. I got welcomed in RS and then after RS was over got bombarded by people getting my information. I even got my pic taken for the spotlight. What can I say? They are on top of things! We even had a family pic taken for the upcoming directory. It was nice and the kids had fun at primary. There are only 33 Primary children. (that is including my 3 kids) So, yes, a change from Utah. I am excited to be in the ward and I hope to make new friends and help progress the Lord's work.

Today, I tried to enroll Emery into kindergarden. I took the four kids and dropped of papers that Emery's old school gave me to give to her new school. The secretary told me I had to go online and fill out some papers and then bring them back to her. So while filling those out was harder than I thought...just being here 5 days, I have no emergency contact or doctor information. What do you do?

I also found out that there is no bus system. I have to take Emery to school everyday and pick her up. Umm...also not my cup of tea...but I guess that's what I have to do. Did I mention that her school is k-8? So picking up Emery from school everyday is going to be a little crazy with all the parents of the kids picking their kids up at the same time. Fun, fun. Why they don't have a bus system...I don't know. I guess I'll keep you posted on that.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The first couple days...

On Wednesday we traveled the 9.5 hours to Boulder, CO. Jac wanted to leave as early as possible (he said 8am!) but with late nights, stopping at a book store, eating at Denny's for breakfast, getting Bobby from my parents house, we finally left around noon. For the first time EVER...I wasn't stressed out getting ready to leave. I was ready to get out of the "limbo" stage and get on with the next step in our lives.

The kids were AWESOME on the trip. Jac seriously listened to "Ender's Game" (his book on CD) the whole time! The only complaining that happened was about 1/2 hour out of Boulder. The kids have been so excited to move to Colorado...Ethan was crying because we couldn't sleep in our new house the first night we were in Colorado. We stayed in a hotel for two nights since the moving truck couldn't be there until Friday. We got a surprise visit from my father-in-law who just took a drive and found himself in Colorado. Needless to say, we weren't too disappointed to have a visit from him.

Jac's first day at the office was Thursday. I was stuck at the hotel with 4 kids and a dog. I wanted to do something fun with the kids that didn't consist of too much walking since I would have to carry the car seat around. (yea...not so fun) So...I decided it would be fun to go to the library. So, after battling the "free" continental breakfast, I packed the kids in the car to go to the library. I was so proud of myself for actually finding the library!!! But to our disappointment the library was closed on Thursday. what!?! There was a grocery store nearby so we stopped there got crayons, coloring books, and lunch. We got back to the hotel and I thought it was a successful outing because I went and got back to the hotel without getting lost! (for those who don't know...I have a horrible sense of direction so getting anywhere is a great accomplishment)

We ate at a place called The Rib House. Great pulled pork sandwiches and we listened to my father-in-law play his guitar at the Open Mic Night. Thursday was also the day that I tried a Chocolate-Bacon Cupcake. Anyone who is reading this should just come and visit us to try a Chocolate-Bacon Cupcake....haha, just kidding. It actually was really good!