Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hudson Holiday Lights

We went to another night of fun! We drove down to Denver and went to the Hudson Holiday Lights. It was at the Hudson Gardens and Event Center. All I can say is...WAY FUN! It was fun walking around the gardens and seeing all the light displays. They had a cool house that was hooked up to music and different parts of the lights played with different parts of the songs. Kids loved it...and most of all, we went with our friends! They were such good sports about trekking and waiting for us with our 4 kids. (oh, and they have twin baby girls) We actually went to dinner and made a fun night out of it all. And, we got the tickets 1/2 price. Such a great night...have to do it again.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Girl Scouts & Ethan's Program

Ethan had a Polar Express program. He got to wear his pajamas to school and had a little program. He was so cute and did a great job! They sang Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and had cute little red noses. They had a surprise for the kids and Santa came! Ethan got to see Santa twice this year! He is asking for a Ninja costume for Christmas.

Emery sang at a nursing home with Girl Scouts. Just last month we signed her up for Girl Scouts. She loves it and I know we'll be doing a lot of fun things with the Daisy group. In January, she starts selling cookies. She also did a great job in her performance. She sang 10 songs, smiled and made eye contact with the audience.

Zoo Lights

Thoughts before I get started: (1) Can I say how grateful I am for cabbage leaves! (2) Was having a "rough" evening and Jac talked to Emery on the phone and the kids had me lay on the couch while they massaged and brushed my hair. I'm so grateful for my beautiful children. Emmy took care of Miles and then I felt very loved while Emmy massaged my back, Ethan brushed my hair and Miles was shoving pretzels into my mouth. And to top it off, Jac came home with flowers and donuts. Mmmm...(3) I love singing Christmas songs in church. We sang 2 closing hymns, and I loved the second song we sang "Silent Night." I love how in hymns you can truly share your testimony by singing. The Spirit touched my heart about the Savior and his divine plan for all of us. He is real. He loves us. And I love this Christmas season and may we reflect on His "gifts" to all of us.

At the last minute, we got invited to go see the Zoo Lights with our friends. They had a Zoo membership so....we got a little bit of a discount. Yea! It was just so fun! The kids got to see lights, some zoo animals and got to sit on Santa's lap.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mickey D's

Jac went up with some of his co-workers and go skiing. It was for one night and a day....but still, that gave me the excuse to go out to eat. I talked with my friend and we promised each other that we would meet each other at the playground at McDonalds.

I was on my way to McDonalds and realized that there was no playground at this particular McDonalds. So I got my handy GPS and searched for McDonalds Playland. It popped another McDonalds restaurant up close-by so I followed "Gabby's" voice and made it there. (yes we call the voice on our GPS - Gabby - or as Jac puts it Gabby Google) And Yet...another McDonalds without a playland. It was late, kids were hungry and I was grumpy. We ate there.

Gathered all the kids up, got all their food, got their drinks, got into their seats at the table, was holding Miles on my lap and Presters needed to use the bathroom. AaAh...never a quiet moment...to sit down and enjoy the meal without getting up 20 times. Anyway, got Presters situated and we were all a little happier now that we were eating.

The cashier who took our order came up to us and gave me a gift card to McDonalds and said that the person who was giving this to you wanted to let you know that you had a beautiful family. Talk about how sweet and generous!!! After this incident, my burden was lightened. Thank you!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emery's loose tooth

It is interesting to Emery to check every night to see how many loose teeth she has. (it was always about 4 teeth that were loose)

Yesterday I picked her up from school and her top tooth was VERY loose. She wanted to pull on it and take it out. I told her to keep wiggling it, and it will get really loose.

Needless to say, she was OBSESSED about pulling her tooth out. She would take streams of toilet paper and wrap it around her tooth to try and pull it out. (quite funny) At bed time, she sat herself in front of the mirror and was determined to pull her tooth out. She got it so it was bleeding a little bit, and she freaked out every time she saw blood. But she didn't mind twisting her loose tooth sideways in her mouth and making funny faces. Finally, when we all gave up...there was a little voice in the bathroom that said, "I pulled it out. See, I told you it would come out." (yes, a little fact about Emery...she likes to prove her point ALWAYS...some might say she argues about "almost" everything...and this is the case...even if she is wrong) I sure do love my sweet pea.
The tooth fairy came and left her 50 cents...and Emery was thrilled!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Jac did Movember with his co-workers for the month of November. It is a charity kind of thing to bring awareness about men's prostate cancer...and they grow their beards out for the month of November. It has been the only time where I willingly let Jac grow out his facial hair. It was fun seeing him grow it out...but after the whole month...I don't like it. I didn't like kissing him: too scratchy! But to be honest, after he shaved it off after the month - it took some time getting used to his "baby face" again. But now I'm glad that I can kiss my sweetie without getting scratched!
Many faces of Jac:

Early Beard

Untrimmed Stache and beard




Can I have a New Years Resolution yet?

I have thought of my New Years Resolution and that is....write in my blog once a week. I have neglected writing, and have found that I have been missing a lot of the "going-on's" that happen around here.
So even if it is a week loads worth....at least I'm writing...and my sister Morgan won't be mad at me. =)
This week's "going-on's"
Relief Society Meeting: In my ward, I'm the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. So for our holiday meeting we decided to base it off the book "The Hundred Dresses." It was a fun idea and it actually turned out really well. We, of course, had a nice dinner. We had a speaker do a slide show of the book, then had some songs and then had another speaker talk about how this book relates to her in her life and focused it around Jesus. We did this enrichment with another ward. My ward was in charge of the decorations. Here is some...not so good pics of the evening. I couldn't have done it all by myself. Thank you so much for everyone that made it possible to have a beautiful night!

Christmas Tree: This year we decided to get a fake tree - since we are renting, less we have to worry about: needles and fire hazard. I hit a Black Friday sale and got a lit tree for way cheap. Isn't our tree beautiful!

Christmas package: We got a package from Grandma! Thank you Mom!!! There was several presents that were labeled "Open Now." We got advent calendars - which I'm really excited about...couldn't find them anywhere...so thanks Mom! And a fun hat that jingles to "Jingle Bells" music.

Haha...these just make me laugh!

This is a Halloween Photo Gallery

Halloween was fun! Miles was a bumblebee, Preston was Optimus Prime, Ethan was Bumblebee the transformer and Emery was Toph from Avatar:The Last Airbender. We went and picked pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast carving them. We also had a kids Halloween party at our house. We did skeleton necklaces, Halloween bingo, a donut eating contest and had fun with our friends. On Halloween, we had several couples over and had chili. It was fun! Can't wait till Halloween next year.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Preston is 3

Isn't he cute!?!

Looking back on pictures...makes me want to have an infant again...someday, someday.

Preston has brought so much "joy" into my life that somehow was missed by his older siblings. Let me give you a few instances:
*drinking fingernail polish - and for the first time had to call poison control
*smearing poop all over the toilet seat and getting it all over his body and hands all because he was bored
*having poopy issues in trying not to go poop in the toilet.

Lately, Preston has started to sing (a little). He started with "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and that lasted about a day....but now he loves to sing his ABC's (or as he calls it A-B song)
He is very much into anything superhero...loves Batman, spiderman, and transformers. (seeing that maybe he's seen one episode of one of these...but nevertheless...loves these things) For about 2 weeks, Preston has been asking for a Batman toy....thanks to tv commercials.

Today, we had preschool...and since it was at my house...I made cupcakes so we could sing to him and celebrate his b-day. One of his friends brought a balloon, and another gave a gift. (which was really sweet of his friends to bring..Thank you!) So after cupcakes and gifts...Preston was having a great time. So after preschool was over...Preston told me that he wanted another party. "Mom, Can I have another party?" This just made me laugh.

Jac came home and we went to our favorite pizza place, Old Chicago. Preston: "Pizza Party" Jac had heard that on their "family night" the kids could decorate their own pizzas and they would cook it for them. Awesome, right! Their "family night" is on Tuesdays so Jac called in advance to see if it was ok if we could do it on a Monday, and it was no problem! The kids loved it! And it was awesome that Old Chicago could make that exception for us.

Dinner was good. We got home and Preston opened up his Batman Toy. It was a little action figure of Batman with his Batmobile. (from imaginetix) All the kids played together and it was just a fun birthday night.

I just love Preston so much. Even though he has given me "experiences" that my first two didn't...I wouldn't change it for the world. He brings a little spice into our lives. With those big brown eyes, mischievous laugh, and all boy through and through...he is our little gift from heaven.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Are Still Alive!


*Yesterday we took our first family bike ride! We rode our bikes to a nearby park. I had Miles strapped on me...and I was seriously struggling to ride my bike uphill. I loved seeing Emery and Ethan be so excited to go on a bike ride!

*We still haven't sold our house in Utah. It has been difficult...but I know that the Lord knows what is best for us. We are just so grateful that Jac can pick up "side jobs" to pay for both homes. I know that when the time is right...our house will get sold. (or rented)

*Family Favorite - the animated "Avatar:the last airbender" The series is free on Netflix. Way cute!

Emery: She's a 1st grader! She really enjoys school! I love picking her up and seeing the smile on her face. She has become a HUGE helper. I was sad when she started school full-time because I didn't have my helper all day. She loves animals and loves to play animals. (both toys and putting her hair a pig-tails as her 'puppy ears') She has started to make jokes that are actually funny. (haha)

Ethan: He's a preschooler! This will be his first full year. He's really been into super hero's lately. (He loves IronMan & Ninja's) Without Emery's full time persuasion on what they play...he's actually gets to play with boy stuff. =) It is fun to see him grow up. He tells stories and starts off.."No, seriously Mom..." It is really cute the way he says seriously.

Preston: He is in a little preschool that some moms are doing. Tomorrow will be Day 2 trial run. He is potty trained! It was a happy day when he could go #2 on the potty without any issues. When he wants your attention....he simply asks, "Look at me, Look at me Mom." He also loves super hero's and anything boy.

Miles: Teething. Getting his 4th tooth. He crawls everywhere. On our main floor we have no carpet and he usually walks flat footed or has really chaffed knees. He's starting to eat some table food and loves it! And of course, we couldn't have Miles if there was no Smiles. He has such a happy smile and shares it often...which we love.

Jac: Loves his job! And loves the people he works with. He is the cub master in our ward. He loves it that he can be with the boys and influence their lives. The boys call him "Brother Awesome." He's a great dad and husband! He makes me laugh.

Britt: I really like my life simplified. And it's difficult with the 2 kids in preschool, and a full-time 1st grader...I find my new best friend is: MY VAN. I feel like I'm doing a lot of rescheduling of schedules and driving. (but I am very grateful for my van!) Once I find my new schedule...I'll be just fine. Just finished "Mockingjay" - 3rd book of Hunger Games...I liked it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Emery: "Mom, Do you know why I like movies so much?"
Britt: "No, why?"
Emery: "Because they make my dreams fun."

Friday, July 9, 2010


*WARNING: Kindof a little gross*

Let me give you a little background: About 2 weeks ago, I had strep. Not a fun experience. My sweet hubby took a day and a half off of work so I could sleep. He took care of the kids while I took care of myself. I am so grateful for him. Needless to say - that "long" weekend was full of TV and movies. =)

Present: On Thursday at 3:00am - I felt like I was coming down with strep AGAIN. My throat was killing me. So, when I actually got up - the right side of my throat was EXTREMELY swollen. I went to the doctors and dragged my 4 little cuties with me. Yes, I was positive with strep....but the doctor wouldn't prescribe me any medicine. (ARE YOU SERIOUS!) She wanted me to go a "eyes, ears and throat" doctor to make sure that there wasn't a cyst on my tonsils. (she was concerned that there would be since it swelled sooo much in such a little time) She told me that she already called him and that he would be waiting for me. (I was so emotional that I started to cry just thinking about taking my kids to Boulder - which I don't know very well - with a swollen throat and more doctor visits all during their quiet time: THIS WAS NOT FUN)

I called Jac and he was so nice to meet up with me and help me find my way. So I went to the new doctors. I was talking with the doc and he looked in my throat and believed that there was a cyst back there. He told me that there was 2 things I could do. (1) He could cut a slit in my tonsils and let it ooze out or (2) set an appt. to get my tonsils out in the morning. He told me that I needed to do it immediately. Okay...so what does one do when her husband is in the car with the kids...and would like to have her husband there for the procedure. So...I did what I do best: Cry.

I went and told Jac and we called some people from our Ward who live in Boulder. They were awesome!! My heart is so touched and grateful that they were willing to watch our 4 kids so Jac could be with me.

So the Doc did his business - and there was no cyst after all. For the past 2 days I have not been able to speak. I did get antibiotics...and so I'm feeling better...just tired. One of the good things that has happened during this trial is the weight loss. haha.

(Sorry this post is looonngg...I guess Morg, I'm just catching up on all of our lost time together...so hopefully you didn't fall asleep while I'm telling you every single detail of my last few days)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July weekend

We just got back from FIREWORKS!! We went with some friends (whom of course invited some friends) and there was 11 boys and 2 girls. We watched them from the park and the kids had enough space to run around and be crazy. It was fun being at the fireworks with friends but I LOVED it when all of my kids snuggled up with Jac and me during the fireworks. I sure do love my family!!

The fireworks were cool this year. There were heart shaped fireworks, swirls, and even smiley faces. But I think my favorite ones this year were the gold shimmery ones....and especially during the "finale" they popped one gold firework after another and it was just beautiful!

Tomorrow, we'll head to church and have a BBQ with some friends. I truly love living in Colorado and have been blessed with great friends.

I am also very grateful to live in this country. I am so grateful for the freedoms I have and am truly indebted to those who made it possible. Thank you!

Happy 4th of July!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ethan's Prayers

A little while ago, Ethan used to say in his prayers, "And please bless us that we'll have fun with friends over."

I would correct him and say that maybe you should think about what you're saying because not every day are you going to play with friends.

He just said, "Noo...listen...you guys are my friends."

Now, in his prayers he still does say the same thing but I don't correct him since I feel pretty special knowing that he thinks that his family are his friends.

Spa Night

I just got back from our Ward's Relief Society Meeting Spa Night. I thought it was a HUGE success!!!

About 3 weeks ago, we had a planning meeting and came up with the spa night stations. We had it at a person's house so we could have candle light. Her house was SOOOO beautiful and perfect! We had 3 stations. We had a nail painting station, a hand scrub station and a foot soak (which we actually soaked our feet in her hot tub) I realize I could have done the foot soak all night!

We introduced all the stations and let everyone go where they wanted to go. The night was just perfect. The friendships that people had with each other were strengthened....and even new friendships were formed. It was VERY relaxing....even for the people planning it.

My prayers were answered and I am so grateful for this wonderful blessing! I am so grateful for the committee members who helped me put this together. Thank you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today, I found out that Preston is known in Nursery as being the kid who is quiet and doesn't like anybody.

I just have to laugh! He brings me so much joy and happiness it is funny to hear what he is like when I am not there. Love you Presters!

Vermont Maple Blueberry Salad

Today, we were invited to a BBQ for my friend's b-day. People who were invited were asked to bring a side dish....so of course, I thought of Zupa's salads. Mmmm....after I thought about how good their salads were....I decided to search around and try and "recreate" Zupa's Vermont Maple Blueberry Salad.

I miss Zupa's! I've been thinking about how good everything is...and just want one in Colorado! Sorry about my tangent...so, I found a recipe and tried it. I LOVE IT!!

I just want to say thank-you to the woman who's blog I found....you made all my Zupa's dream come true. Oh, and the Vermont Maple Blueberry Salad was a hit at the BBQ.

Here it is:

2 granny smith apples, diced
Romaine lettuce
1/2 C. blueberries
1/2 C. crumbled bleu cheese
1/4 C. cinnamon almonds
A handful of chopped onion
2 T. apple cider vinegar
3 T. pure maple syrup
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/3 C. extra virgin olive oil
Mix Onion, Vinegar, Maple Syrup, Salt and Black pepper together in my Blendtec. Add Olive oil and mix.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emery's Poem

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here is the poem that Emery wrote for her teacher:
(with very little help from me)

I think you're nice
Do you like rice?

I like your fish
Do you wish for more?

I think your neat
Your so so sweet

Thanks for teaching me
I shout Yipp-ee

I'll miss you next year
My eyes will fall with a tear

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Update

Jac had Friday off since he worked late one night. We wanted to do something fun...so we went to the Aquarium! We were going to go to the Zoo...but it had snowed the night before. Crazy!! We were getting so used to the Spring weather. =(

So, back to the Aquarium. It was the kids first time....and also Jac's! It was their Friday Family Night...so the kids got a discount at the aquarium and ate at the restaurant for 2 bucks. We had a blast! The exhibits were awesome...and I seriously cannot believe how BIG some fish get. The kids could ride them! Yee haw!

They got to pet sting rays. They were slimy but it was cool. We will definitely have to go there again. Emery loved the sharks. It was one of her favorite parts.

On Saturday, we met up with Jac's friends and ate out at "the Med." We went during their Happy Hour. (what time exactly is Happy hour...haven't a clue) But they had an awesome menu. We tried a little bit of everything....and it was DELICIOUS! We will be going again....I'm sure.

So our normal days are filled with Emery going to school, and then riding bikes around our little neighborhood. Emery gave a talk today in church and Ethan said the prayer. We are feeling very blessed to be here and can see the Lord's hand in our lives. I am extremely in love with my family.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 25

I just can't believe we've been here 25 days! We've lived in our house for 23 days....crazy!!! We have had a blast! It is fun getting to know our neighbors and people from our ward better. Seriously, the Lord has blessed us so much!

This past weekend has been fun. On Friday, we had the missionaries over for dinner. Then we got a babysitter (like our first one ever that wasn't family) and headed over to a friends house for a game night of Ticket to Ride. There was 4 couples in total. Even though Jac won in our group, it still was a lot of fun!

On Saturday, Jac woke up and wanted to get the house clean. YEA!!! The morning we cleaned, then I headed off to get a pedicure with a friend and that night we invited one of Jac's co-workers over and his family. We did a BBQ and played another game of Ticket to Ride. yahoo! (haha-or should I say choo-choo)

Jac and I already have callings. Jac is the Cub Master and I am the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. (that pretty much means that I am in charge of the previously-called Enrichments) I am excited to be involved and do the best I can. Jac also left this morning to go to 360 Flex..a conference. He is presenting with his brother and I am just so proud of him. I know he'll have a blast and just wish me luck with the 4 kids for 4 days. =)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Side Note

I am very happy that we moved. I am sad I had to leave family and friends...and miss them greatly...but with that even being said...I am happy.

The Lord is looking out for my little family....and for that I am truly grateful! My hubby loves his job and the people he works with, my children are happy with school and are meeting friends, and I look at my life and feel a great sense of peace. The Lord has truly sent angels to lift my burdens. In moving to Colorado, I had my mother who helped much more than she needed too, my mother-in-law whom she let us stay at her home with in transition, and awesome friends who reminded me what friendship was all about. And while being here, I know I don't have any related family, but I prayed for at least one friend...and the Lord has blessed me already with much more.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mi Casa - Some photos

The Backyard!
It totally is a yard compared with our last piece of land. (hehe)

The Kitchen
LOVE it!
The table matches with the tile floor and countertops!

The Front Room
We got overstuffed chairs that match perfectly with our old couch.
(and do you see my storm trooper...Ethan found that shortly after we unpacked it and seriously would not take it off for a week!)

Our Living Room
(yea...need a better shot)
But you do get to see our new couch, lamp, and end table....can you say that my sweetie spoils me? Love you Jac! And thanks so much for the new furniture!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Answered Question

Phew...I finally enrolled Emery into school. YEA!!! She is very excited to meet new friends. So, I am totally bugged that I have to take Emery to school every day. Yes, you can call me lazy....or just busy with 3 other kids at home that it is just more of a convenience than anything else.

I asked the secretary at the school why don't they have any bus system for the kids and she said that we live too close to the school so that is why there is no bus offered. Talk about craziness picking up Emery from school. (I actually haven't picked her up yet....but I can just imagine)
But I guess that is all part of the Colorado adventure!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day #5

We've been living in our house for 5 days now. Everything is still in boxes and I am not stressing out so much (yes, I have my moments) but it is bothering Jac more than it is me. I actually cleaned the kitchen so you could see the counter. The kids and I straightened the downstairs (aka. ME) to get ready to get our new furniture tomorrow!!! We got a couple of couches, a couple of over stuffed chairs and some end tables. It will look really nice, I think. I'll post pics later.
A lot of the boxes that are left are the clothes boxes. So, I feel like I have boxes and boxes of laundry to put away....umm...what can I say...it's not my cup of tea.

We went to church on Sunday. It is at 9am....so we needed to leave the house at 8:30am and travel 15ish min. to church to be on time. Did that happen? nope. But nonetheless, we got to church and love our ward. Everyone is so nice! In Sunday school, Jac and I said the prayers. I got welcomed in RS and then after RS was over got bombarded by people getting my information. I even got my pic taken for the spotlight. What can I say? They are on top of things! We even had a family pic taken for the upcoming directory. It was nice and the kids had fun at primary. There are only 33 Primary children. (that is including my 3 kids) So, yes, a change from Utah. I am excited to be in the ward and I hope to make new friends and help progress the Lord's work.

Today, I tried to enroll Emery into kindergarden. I took the four kids and dropped of papers that Emery's old school gave me to give to her new school. The secretary told me I had to go online and fill out some papers and then bring them back to her. So while filling those out was harder than I thought...just being here 5 days, I have no emergency contact or doctor information. What do you do?

I also found out that there is no bus system. I have to take Emery to school everyday and pick her up. Umm...also not my cup of tea...but I guess that's what I have to do. Did I mention that her school is k-8? So picking up Emery from school everyday is going to be a little crazy with all the parents of the kids picking their kids up at the same time. Fun, fun. Why they don't have a bus system...I don't know. I guess I'll keep you posted on that.

Sunday, February 14, 2010