Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Time!

This past Saturday we were bored and wanted to do something fun. Emery had wanted to carve a pumpkin so we decided that this was the day to do so! Jac had wanted an easy way to capture video of our family. He thought it would be fun to go get the Flip and record our pumpkin carving day. So....that that is exactly what we did! Jac likes it because it has the USB hook-up right in the camera.

(for those who don't know what the Flip video is....here is a picture. Ours is black)
So, off to the pumpkin picking we went. We went to Cornbelly's and picked out a HUGE pumpkin. Later we found out that it weighed 53lbs. I will put the video of the pumpkin carving day on later. But Saturday turned out to be a great day! The kids loved it....and if the kids loved it you know that we loved it too!