Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Bye Shoes

I really do love my flip-flops from Old Navy.  And am sad to say that I have retired them but am happy to report that I got a new pair of the same basic black flip-flop from, non-other, than Old Navy.  Jac has said for AWHILE that I needed to get a new pair of the basic black flip-flop but I couldn't let mine go.  They were comfortable and molded to my feet....the only problem was that....yes, there was a hole.  So, when I went out shopping with my good friend, Angela.....I splurged and spent the few bucks on a new pair of these mamas.  So here's to my new flip flops!


Morgan and Joel said...

So sad to retire a good pair of shoes. Joel makes me throw my holey shoes away too - I can't even give them to goodwill - he says no one wants to wear them...sniff sniff..

Maxmomma said...

My shoes always have to be beaten beyond recognition before I'll get new ones too. They just become companions... hard to let go. Congrats on the new hole-free pair!

Di said...

TOO funny, at least you can get the same shoe still! Hurrah!