Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Emery's 1st Day of KINDERGARTEN!

Emery was so excited to go ride the bus!

The fam walking Emery to the bus stop!

Em and her friend showing each other what folders they got for school. So cute!

Emery found her seat next to her friend. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up!

First of all, I can't believe Emery is officially in kindergarten. I have been so excited to have her move up to the "next step." Then last night I was a little nervous....not about her getting ON the bus...but when she is at school and has to get OFF the bus. Would she know where to go? Will she get to the right class? Then another flood of questions came to me.....Is she going to be a good friend? Will she stand up for what she believes in? I guess the answer that I came up with is....just let her grow up. And yes, I am sure we will have interesting questions this year....but to teach her the right principles and let her decide for herself. (And now....I'm thinking I'm a little crazy....she is just in kindergarten) But nonetheless....these are my thoughts.

So....her FIRST day of kindergarten. I put her in the afternoon so she wouldn't be entirely BORED during the boys nap-time. she had to wait A LONG time for the bus to pick her up. (well, a long time in an excited 5 yr old's mind) I decided she could pick out her breakfast and lunch. She had cereal this morning. (yes, the most sugar cereal we had...lucky charms) She was dressed and ready to go at she had 2 hrs of waiting. She asked me if the time to go to the bus stop was longer than the trip up to Snowbird. And I said, "Yes" and then she said, "Ohhh....that is a looong time."

But she made the wait. We had lunch. A champions lunch of Dino Nuggets, string cheese, a big carrot, and some soda pop. She wanted dino nuggets because she could eat them faster and in turn get to the bus stop faster. We went to the bus stop and hung out with her friends and all of the nervous parents. All in all, she made it on the bus and was waving goodbye like a beautiful angel. Love you Sweet Pea.


Kristin said...

Holy cow, Britt! I can't believe she's in kindergarten either! She's totally hamming it up for the camera too, I think she must get that from you. I see a lot of you in her. She's a doll!

Sarah Turley said...

My little niece is growing up! So sad. I remember when she called me "my sarah" and would ask us to "hold you" What happened?

le35 said...

That's so exciting. I'm glad you have half-day kindergarten