Thursday, August 20, 2009

Diaper Cake Geniuses

Here is the beautiful mother-to-be Sarah! She is NOT holding her baby but her niece Adelaide. She is already a natural! Kari and I gave Sarah a baby shower for her upcoming baby girl. We are so excited for her! This picture is basically the best pic I have of the hopefully Sarah will have better ones than I have.

But, me being a creative really, I was creative this once....I decided to do a diaper cake., you can't eat it. I'm creative but not that creative. =P
I had the crazy idea to make a diaper cake....and my friend, Angela made my idea come true! Thank you!

Here it is:


Here is a view from the back

And here is a view from the side

I rolled up tiny diapers and filled the "cake" with baby necessities. And of course some "nursing" necessities and baby accessories. It was so fun to do! Thanks Sarah for having a baby so I could try this diaper cake idea. Good luck on your future baby!


Maxmomma said...

Wow! That is adorable- Good job on that! How are you feeling these days? If you want to see a pic of Cory's baby, there is one at:

I know it would be fun for Cory and Camille to have you check it out :).

Love and miss you Britt.

Morgan and Joel said...


Sarah Turley said...

Thanks so much for the shower! You guys did such an amazing job! I think I've showed just about all my friends the pic of the cake. I'll post some pics soon.