Friday, August 7, 2009

Camp Out At Grammy's

Every year, Jac's mom has a camp-out with her grandkids! It was so fun this year that Lexi was down for the week and just in time to spend time with her cousins at the camp-out!  Here are MANY pics from the fun evening we had! 

One of the first times that Bobby really knew what it meant to be a dog! =)

We roasted hotdogs and had marshmallows for dessert.  Mmmmmm.....

A cute pic of Jac and Preston! Preston was hanging out with his daddy and wanted to be just like him.  

Grammy even had glow in the dark bracelets! This is always a hit!

In the tent ready for bed!

Grammy telling bed-time stories.  She told us about the 3 little pigs and stories of her childhood.

Prester's baby browns!

What a silly goose!


Maxmomma said...

How fun! What a cool grandma. I love Preston's eyebrows! Fun to see Bob even got in on the action. Did you sleep out prego and all?

Morgan and Joel said...

Very cool!

Dione said...

When I'm a granny I'm gonna be just like her!