Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweets

sidenote: Jac just told me that they now have Picasa for the Mac!! I am totally excited to use it again and can't wait to find my camera cord and make some fun collages for you guys. 

But today is my hubby's birthday!!!!!  Today, I made German Pancakes for breakfast....and they were mighty good.  Jac worked in the morning and is spending the rest of the day with us!  The kids and I went to the store and got some birthday goodies and picked up Zupa's for lunch.  I am so excited they have one near us now.  I love their Tomato Basil soup mixed with their Cauliflower soup....mmmm...

Tonight, the kids are getting watched and Jac and I are going to go to Happy Sumo for dinner.  My sis-in-law organized the dinner hang-out with some other it should be a lot of fun.  I am kind-of scared to go to Happy Sumo and try out their sushi....but it should be good!  I'll update you later.

I love you Jacob!

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Morgan and Joel said...

I LOVE sushi. Everytime Joel and I get the chance, that is where we eat. And Jack loves potstickers, so the hole family can usually eat there.

Happy bday Jac. Thanks for enjoying our serenade!