Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 3 & 4: Pictures

Here is Sage's killer dimples.  She was so fun since I seemed to be picked a favorite over my mom!  

What can I say....self portrait??

Enjoying the sunny weather while at home, in Utah, there was SNOW!

A small homemade tortilla.  My sister is amazing....she cooks everything from scratch!  And it seems that everything she makes from scratch turns out to be the YUMMIEST.

I had to catch this on camera.  My mom cooking!  (ha, we just give her a hard time about the cooking thing...we love you Mom!)

This is how we watched Conference.  They could only listen to Conference via the internet so we propped up a window and listened to it from out on their front porch basking in the sun!  Thanks Morg and Joel for such a fun and relaxing time!  I loved being with your cute little family and spending time with your kids.  Thanks again!

*Okay, I think I got some days mixed up....but you get the idea....I had a BLAST in Oregon*


Maxmomma said...

Britt!!!! This trip looks SO fun!!! What a fun group- you, Aunt Ali, and Morg?! I am so jealous! You are suddenly making me want a baby girl! What a fun trip that you definitely deserved. You look great and I love the new scarf!

I am also SO impressed that Morg makes everything from scratch.... with morning sickness, my family is lucky when I can manage making a quesadilla!

Morgan and Joel said...

The only pics you got of Joel and I were the ones with our double chins at conference???? Yet there seems to be several self portraits....hmmm....And why was mom wearing sunglasses while cooking? We so have to do this again. Next April Conference do you and Jac + kiddos want to come up? I sure cuddling with Jac would be nicer than cuddling with mom and the air-bed!

Tony said...

What fun pics! It looks like your trip was a blast!