Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 1: Oregon Here We Come

My plane didn't leave until 1:25pm, so Jac and the fam took me out to go to breakfast in the morning. There is one place that is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS....and that is Kneaders Bakery. It is my new favorite place to eat!! I mean...come on...look at this french toast....who wouldn't want a taste????

Yummy thick slices of French toast, Cream to spread on with fresh strawberries, and of course a TO DIE FOR syrup drizzled all over.  Yummy all I can say.

So, after a great breakfast...I drove up to Salt Lake and met my mom in a taxi.  The first time I have ever ridden a taxi.  Good times. =)

Here we are leaving Utah....

....and here we are arriving in Oregon.

Yeah! Here I am showing off my new scarf that my mom got me.  Thank you!  I think I was just so happy to get off the plane.  After not being in an airplane for 7 years, I actually got a little motion sickness.  Weird, but true....and for all of you thinking out, I am not pregnant. =P

We stayed in Portland for the afternoon.  We drove by our old house in Lake Oswego, which the current owners did some upgrades to the outside of the house and it looks fantastic!  We stopped at Olive Garden for dinner and also stopped and walked around the Portland Temple!! I think this was Jack's favorite stop.  Apparently, he had been talking about going to the Temple for a while, and he finally got to go!   

On our way to my sister's house we stopped in at Multnomah Falls.  It was just after sunset that we arrived, so we got the last little bit of daylight....and it was so green and beautiful...and wet.  Luckily, my sister's little boy had an extra beanie that I didn't get so drenched out there.


Morgan and Joel said...

You need to send me all of your pics from the trip! It was sooo great to have you guys here. I love the pictures of you and mom leaving and arriving. Mom looks pretty. Thanks so much for coming

Di said...

Gorgeous pics, I don't think we went to the falls when we were out there, we'll have to! Oh, and are you sure you're not prego? Famous last words you know, from one who would know! ;)