Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where is my camera cord?????

It is sad to say that I still can't find my camera cord.  It is totally bugging me because I have so many things I want to blog about.

Like: Going to go see Wicked, kids just having fun, Me just having fun, Easter, Jac's bunkbeds.....the list goes on.  

So, thanks everybody for being patient.  I am not trying to be a slacker.  

It totally bugs.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love my hubby

I just have to brag about what a GREAT husband I have.  I was searching through old pics and created this collage.  (yes using Picasa for the Mac!) He loves being a dad.  Every night after we put the kids to bed, Jac always says, "I love our kids. We have the cutest kids in the whole world." Who wouldn't want a husband that dotes on your kids as much as you do.  

I love that he works hard so that I can stay home with the kids.  I love that he works hard so that we can food on the table and a roof over our head.  We have truly been blessed and I love how he has our best interests at heart.  
This past weekend we were going to get the yard prepped to put sod in, but it didn't work out this weekend....but we are going to get it in for NEXT weekend.  I am going to Logan for the day and when I come back....there should be a yard with Grass to come home to!  Yahoo-eee!  haha.

I love you sweets.  And I am so glad that I can be with you for eternity!!  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweets

sidenote: Jac just told me that they now have Picasa for the Mac!! I am totally excited to use it again and can't wait to find my camera cord and make some fun collages for you guys. 

But today is my hubby's birthday!!!!!  Today, I made German Pancakes for breakfast....and they were mighty good.  Jac worked in the morning and is spending the rest of the day with us!  The kids and I went to the store and got some birthday goodies and picked up Zupa's for lunch.  I am so excited they have one near us now.  I love their Tomato Basil soup mixed with their Cauliflower soup....mmmm...

Tonight, the kids are getting watched and Jac and I are going to go to Happy Sumo for dinner.  My sis-in-law organized the dinner hang-out with some other it should be a lot of fun.  I am kind-of scared to go to Happy Sumo and try out their sushi....but it should be good!  I'll update you later.

I love you Jacob!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My 28th Birthday!

I had a great birthday!  A BIG portion of my birthday present was going to go visit Morgan in Oregon.  On Sunday, before we left, she made angel food cake (FROM SCRATCH!)  and it was soooo delicious.  Joel made pizza which was perfect.  Thank you Morg and Joel!  Dinner was great! 

I got home late and the house was perfectly clean.  I opened up the garage and there had been some projects going on while I was away.  There was wood pieces and tools all over.  What had Jac been doing while I had been gone???  I first initially thought of the deck, but when checked...that wasn't the case.  So what had he beed doing?  Well....My cute hubbie had cleaned the whole house while watching the kids AND had washed all the laundry.  Nice b-day so far!  Then I walked into the kids room and lo and behold....his project!  Jac had moved Preston into the kids room....AND he had made a bunk bed for Emmy and Ethan!!!  (Pics to come)  He was actually creative while assembling it.  He used their toddler bed as frames and built around them.  (I would really put pics on here BUT I can't find my camera cord)  

In the morning Jac made me breakfast and gave me many games that will be fun to play.  He gave me "Ticket to Ride"  which I really wanted!  Thank you sweetie!!!  It was a nice sunny day so pretty much the kids and I spent all day outside enjoying the sunshine.  Then for dinner we headed over to AppleBee's and to Maggie Moo's for dessert.  So pretty basically, I'm saying that I got spoiled on my birthday!  Thank you!!!

The Fam at AppleBee's

Presters at Maggie Moo's.  We were all sitting at a table eating and he was at another table having fun pushing the chairs around.  What a cutie!

Emery at Maggie Moo's.  She had Bubblegum Icecream with Gum ball's.

Ethan is showing off his Cotton Candy Icecream.  He wouldn't take of his Transformer glasses that he got from his mommy from Oregon.

And I had to show off my cute outfit!  The cute jacket is from my sis that she let me borrow.  Thanks Morg!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 3 & 4: Pictures

Here is Sage's killer dimples.  She was so fun since I seemed to be picked a favorite over my mom!  

What can I say....self portrait??

Enjoying the sunny weather while at home, in Utah, there was SNOW!

A small homemade tortilla.  My sister is amazing....she cooks everything from scratch!  And it seems that everything she makes from scratch turns out to be the YUMMIEST.

I had to catch this on camera.  My mom cooking!  (ha, we just give her a hard time about the cooking thing...we love you Mom!)

This is how we watched Conference.  They could only listen to Conference via the internet so we propped up a window and listened to it from out on their front porch basking in the sun!  Thanks Morg and Joel for such a fun and relaxing time!  I loved being with your cute little family and spending time with your kids.  Thanks again!

*Okay, I think I got some days mixed up....but you get the idea....I had a BLAST in Oregon*

Day 2: Highlights

My sister's neighbors had a colt.  Jack and Sage love going to see this baby horse.  

This is the only picture I took of the house.  I wanted to take pictures of the inside...but I guess I never got a chance.  This house, my sister's husband built.  So...this is the house that Joel built.

Jack got a John Deer bike and attached the bike trailer to the end.  He walks down the road to get the mail.  He loves to work hard and play outside in the dirt.

This is my favorite shot when my mom tried to help Jack go for a ride on his bike!  Mom, you are so cute!

Day 1: Oregon Here We Come

My plane didn't leave until 1:25pm, so Jac and the fam took me out to go to breakfast in the morning. There is one place that is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS....and that is Kneaders Bakery. It is my new favorite place to eat!! I mean...come on...look at this french toast....who wouldn't want a taste????

Yummy thick slices of French toast, Cream to spread on with fresh strawberries, and of course a TO DIE FOR syrup drizzled all over.  Yummy all I can say.

So, after a great breakfast...I drove up to Salt Lake and met my mom in a taxi.  The first time I have ever ridden a taxi.  Good times. =)

Here we are leaving Utah....

....and here we are arriving in Oregon.

Yeah! Here I am showing off my new scarf that my mom got me.  Thank you!  I think I was just so happy to get off the plane.  After not being in an airplane for 7 years, I actually got a little motion sickness.  Weird, but true....and for all of you thinking out, I am not pregnant. =P

We stayed in Portland for the afternoon.  We drove by our old house in Lake Oswego, which the current owners did some upgrades to the outside of the house and it looks fantastic!  We stopped at Olive Garden for dinner and also stopped and walked around the Portland Temple!! I think this was Jack's favorite stop.  Apparently, he had been talking about going to the Temple for a while, and he finally got to go!   

On our way to my sister's house we stopped in at Multnomah Falls.  It was just after sunset that we arrived, so we got the last little bit of daylight....and it was so green and beautiful...and wet.  Luckily, my sister's little boy had an extra beanie that I didn't get so drenched out there.