Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picture Happy in RICHFIELD!!!!

Okay, so I was a little picture happy....but that just shows everyone how excited I was to be visiting "Our favorite neighbors from across the hall!!!!" Our friends bought a 6 bedroom house in Richfield almost a year ago and we went to visit them. (actually it was Dianna's idea) So here is there wonderful house!

We had such a GREAT time!! We arrived Friday night and the kids played and played and played while we sat and talked and talked and talked. (haha) On Saturday, Dianna made a delicious breakfast. We played Guilatine (a fun card game) and drove the 3 blocks to Sandi's Resturant. The hubbies and kids walked home while the wifes went out and played. Well, really we just went to the store to pick up banana split makings. But on our way, Dianna eyed a slide at the D.I. We hit the D.I. and it was a $5.00 steal! Jac helped Tom with some programming stuff for Dianna's business. (which is And you really had to pull Jac's leg to help. He loved it!!! Thanks Tom.

All of the boys were playing in the dirt...they got so dirty and loved every minute!!

While all the girls were playing "pretend" on the new $5.00 steal at D.I.

Tom and Dianna and baby Cami at Sandi's

Cute Elena on our way to Sandi's

Ethan playing with Lili and Elena

Emery and Sam putting a puzzle together
Thanks so much for the enjoyable time in Richfield Tom and Dianna!!! We will definitely have to come visit again!!!


Rochelle said...

Wow it looks like spring there!!

Di said...

Oh my goo'ness...I look really weird! Cute pic of the girls tho! It was OUR pleasure to have OUR "favorite across-the-hall neighbors" come and visit! We had a blast!Thanks for making the 2 hour trek here, and you're welcome back ANYtime!
ps- it's actually :)

Morgan and Joel said...

If you like dirt - you NEED TO COME VISIT ME! We have acres of dirt to play in. COME VISIT ME! It's only, what 10 hrs...

Hadlock Hideaway said...

What fun! So, when are you coming to visit me... lol:)

Maxmomma said...

What fun!!! There is something so fun about those kind of visits! I love seeing the boys play in the dirt... it looks all to familiar!