Tuesday, December 1, 2009

34 Weeks

Today, I had a doc's appt. He says that everything is PERFECT!!!! (I just feel everything is perfect apart from my weight) It just amazes me that every time I step on the scale....I say to myself, "I really weigh that much!?!"

But if the doc is not concerned....I guess, neither should I, right? I love hearing our babies heartbeat. He did say that I am measuring 35 inches. So, technically an inch ahead of schedule. My next appt. is Dec. 15th. Then I'm down to 1 week appts. YEAH!!! That means our baby is coming soon. =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Okay...so I am having camera issues again. I can't find the cord to the camera to charge the battery. I'm kindof bummed because I really want to take pictures!!! I guess I'm surviving...but still, It is frustrating.

Well, the holiday weekend was so much fun! Hanging out with family and friends all weekend long....what could be wrong with that? We spent Thanksgiving with Jac's family. I only had to bring a green bean casserole and a salad....I sure lucked out! Then I devoured the Pecan Pie. (I had been craving this pie since the beginning of the month) We played games and snacked on left overs the rest of the night.

On Friday, we went and saw Planet 51. It was a cute show and the kids (plus their cousins) were completely quiet and didn't ask for any snacks. We then went out on Black Friday and got the boys' some jeans and Jac some new shoes. (and I actually got a pair of Doc's to replace my much needed ones)

On Saturday, we had some friends over for breakfast. It was fun. Then we went to a family party which consisted of good soup and games. Then we went and used our Best Buy points and got Lego Star Wars for the Xbox. So....that's it. Sunday was relaxing. =) Tomorrow, we are going Christmas tree shopping!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Time!

This past Saturday we were bored and wanted to do something fun. Emery had wanted to carve a pumpkin so we decided that this was the day to do so! Jac had wanted an easy way to capture video of our family. He thought it would be fun to go get the Flip and record our pumpkin carving day. So....that that is exactly what we did! Jac likes it because it has the USB hook-up right in the camera.

(for those who don't know what the Flip video is....here is a picture. Ours is black)
So, off to the pumpkin picking we went. We went to Cornbelly's and picked out a HUGE pumpkin. Later we found out that it weighed 53lbs. I will put the video of the pumpkin carving day on later. But Saturday turned out to be a great day! The kids loved it....and if the kids loved it you know that we loved it too!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Little Man

Here is some video of Preston. These were actually taken a few weeks ago and I can already see how much his vocabulary has grown! Crazy! So...here is a little peek on how my little man is growing up.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just an ordinary day....

Nothing really exciting happened today.....just felt like writing a little post.

Well, I woke up at 5am this morning and by 5:30am was on my way to the temple. I went with my friend Angela and was praying that her 5 month old baby would be fine without her....and to find out in the end that our prayers were answered and she was a happy baby when she came home. So that is all good news! Came home and stared at my beautiful children.

Then we went to the library and got 7 books for Emery to read and 3 back-packs for all of the kids to wear home filled with a couple books each. Hit story-time, came home with playdough, made Mac & Cheese and got Em off to school. Put the boys down for a nap and watched a couple episodes of "Burn Notice."

A couple days ago, the sister missionaries called and asked if Jac and I would be available to join them at an investigators home for a discussion. Of course, we cleared our schedules since it would be a good experience. Then, I got really nervous. I feel like I've been a missionary in other ways...but not really the proselyting kind of missionary work. Am I bad for feeling a little bit nervous and scared? It ended up that they couldn't have a discussion so we met them instead. It was fun meeting someone who was investigating the church. So....that went fine and hopefully I will be able to attend a real discussion....and be able to put my two-cent testimony in.

Then we picked up the kids and my friend fed us dinner. So....wha-la....there was my day in a nutshell. Tomorrow, I have a docs appt and have to drink the glucose drink. I'm just excited because when it is time to have the sugar drink....that means the baby is that much closer to being here. Yeah! Baby name ideas: Miles.....and that's as far as I have gotten. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Background: For school Emery has to read 15 min a day. She usually reads while Ethan is at pre-school and fortunately we are at my mother-in-laws. My mother-in-law has a big basket of scriptures in her living room. One day Emery decided to read the scriptures for her 15 minutes that day.

For FHE on Monday we went to Deseret Book and got a picture of the temple to put in the kids room. I showed Emery the Book of Mormon I found. She looked at me and said, "Oh! Mom can we please get this so I can have my own scriptures?" When I said "Yes" she hugged the scriptures and was jumping up and down yelling, "Thank you! Thank you!" Then all the ride home she wanted to tell her Grammy that she had her own scriptures and didn't have to use hers. What a beautiful sweet heart!

The other week we had a Zucchini Cook-off and Indexing Enrichment. I had always heard about the Family Search Indexing program....but I have never actually done any indexing. So, it was interesting and seemed pretty easy....my kind of style. The Zucchini recipes were surprisingly ALL delicious. Some of my favs were: Zucchini and Cheese dip, Orange and Zucchini Bread, the "Mock" Apple Cobbler, and a Chicken and Zucchini-Stove top casserole.

So the next day I was just hanging out and I decided to do some indexing.....AND I really enjoyed it! For some reason, actually documenting people's names....they come to life. I feel like I am contributing "that" much more....I don't know, it seems funny, but there is a connection you feel and you are excited for the people on the other side.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's A......


Emery's 1st Day of KINDERGARTEN!

Emery was so excited to go ride the bus!

The fam walking Emery to the bus stop!

Em and her friend showing each other what folders they got for school. So cute!

Emery found her seat next to her friend. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up!

First of all, I can't believe Emery is officially in kindergarten. I have been so excited to have her move up to the "next step." Then last night I was a little nervous....not about her getting ON the bus...but when she is at school and has to get OFF the bus. Would she know where to go? Will she get to the right class? Then another flood of questions came to me.....Is she going to be a good friend? Will she stand up for what she believes in? I guess the answer that I came up with is....just let her grow up. And yes, I am sure we will have interesting questions this year....but to teach her the right principles and let her decide for herself. (And now....I'm thinking I'm a little crazy....she is just in kindergarten) But nonetheless....these are my thoughts.

So....her FIRST day of kindergarten. I put her in the afternoon so she wouldn't be entirely BORED during the boys nap-time. So....today she had to wait A LONG time for the bus to pick her up. (well, a long time in an excited 5 yr old's mind) I decided she could pick out her breakfast and lunch. She had cereal this morning. (yes, the most sugar cereal we had...lucky charms) She was dressed and ready to go at 10am....so she had 2 hrs of waiting. She asked me if the time to go to the bus stop was longer than the trip up to Snowbird. And I said, "Yes" and then she said, "Ohhh....that is a looong time."

But she made the wait. We had lunch. A champions lunch of Dino Nuggets, string cheese, a big carrot, and some soda pop. She wanted dino nuggets because she could eat them faster and in turn get to the bus stop faster. We went to the bus stop and hung out with her friends and all of the nervous parents. All in all, she made it on the bus and was waving goodbye like a beautiful angel. Love you Sweet Pea.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kids having fun

Okay...this one is just for me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ethan's 1st Day of Preschool!

Today, was Ethan's first day of preschool!!!! I can't believe he is that old already! Yes, I am excited for Emery to go to kindergarten....but thinking that Ethan is in preschool makes me think that my kids are growing up too fast. He had a great day!

The morning started when I woke up at 6:30am to take a shower before the kids woke up. So, I was dressed and ready to go by 7am when Preston woke up. Perfect timing! We woke up Ethan shortly after and he wanted the cereal with marshmallows in it. So we woke up Emery and we went downstairs to have breakfast. After breakfast Ethan knew exactly what he was going to wear. We had gotten him school clothes and he has been waiting patiently for school to start so he could wear them. He picked out his Lego Star Wars t-shirt and new jeans. (the only pair of jeans that are actually long enough!) He made me tuck in his shirt and put on his "fast" shoes. After we calmed his hair down a bit....he made me style it so that he looks like a dad. (notice that he combed it over to the side just like his dad)

So off to school we went! He had so much fun. He got to play with toys, sing in a microphone with his friend Gage and learn about the number 1. I can't wait for the rest of the year!

My 3 yr old son with his
XS 5/6 Lego Star Wars T-shirt and
5T jeans and
size 10 "fast" shoes and
I love all 38 lbs of that boy!

The best close-up shot I could give with the sun in his eyes

Ethan's super hero back pack

And Emery being a good sister leading Ethan to preschool.

Zip Line Fun

This past Friday we headed up to my Uncle's cabin and had a BBQ! It was so fun seeing family! It brought back memories for me growing up and now I am so grateful that my kids can have fun memories there too! I think you can tell where we ended up by the videos below. I love my dad in these videos. He is such a wonderful Grandpa!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade Soft Pretzels

We have been so busy with the last of the summer fun before school starts. One of the fun things we got to do was go to the new water park: Cowabunga Bay. Jac's old company invited us for a Family/Work party there. Since it was free....we totally went! We had so much fun even though it was very COLD. There is a kiddie pool area that was luke-warm and the water slide water was FREEZING...so I heard but never went in myself. Before we left for home Jac bought the big soft pretzels. The kids loved them and were interested in how they were made. So, today I decided to try and make them and thought the kids would have fun also.

Here are the kids helping make the pretzel dough. They are such good helpers!

The kids seeing if the dough has raised enough.

The kids having fun rolling out the dough and making pretzels

The finished product

And of course, the kids enjoying them. They made lots of snake pretzels and had fun playing with them. They turned out pretty well.

Diaper Cake Geniuses

Here is the beautiful mother-to-be Sarah! She is NOT holding her baby but her niece Adelaide. She is already a natural! Kari and I gave Sarah a baby shower for her upcoming baby girl. We are so excited for her! This picture is basically the best pic I have of the shower....so hopefully Sarah will have better ones than I have.

But, me being a creative one....ha....no really, I was creative this once....I decided to do a diaper cake. And....no, you can't eat it. I'm creative but not that creative. =P
I had the crazy idea to make a diaper cake....and my friend, Angela made my idea come true! Thank you!

Here it is:


Here is a view from the back

And here is a view from the side

I rolled up tiny diapers and filled the "cake" with baby necessities. And of course some "nursing" necessities and baby accessories. It was so fun to do! Thanks Sarah for having a baby so I could try this diaper cake idea. Good luck on your future baby!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kindergarten is coming....

My friend called and told me that they had the class lists up.....and that I should check out what teacher Emery has for Kindergarten.  I was going to go during the boys nap-time but Ethan was SO excited to see Emery's school that I sneaked the drive over before nap-time.  And I'm excited to say that Emery's teacher will be a woman from our neighborhood! YEAH! (I was secretly wanting her to be Em's teacher....so I'm very excited too!)  So here's to the beginnings of getting ready for Kindergarten.....yipee!

Cute quote:

Emery: Mom, when I die and I'm up in heaven......(pause).....Can you walk?
Me: Yes
Emery: Well, When I die and I'm up in heaven I want to walk and give Jesus a big hug.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Camp Out At Grammy's

Every year, Jac's mom has a camp-out with her grandkids! It was so fun this year that Lexi was down for the week and just in time to spend time with her cousins at the camp-out!  Here are MANY pics from the fun evening we had! 

One of the first times that Bobby really knew what it meant to be a dog! =)

We roasted hotdogs and had marshmallows for dessert.  Mmmmmm.....

A cute pic of Jac and Preston! Preston was hanging out with his daddy and wanted to be just like him.  

Grammy even had glow in the dark bracelets! This is always a hit!

In the tent ready for bed!

Grammy telling bed-time stories.  She told us about the 3 little pigs and stories of her childhood.

Prester's baby browns!

What a silly goose!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Bye Shoes

I really do love my flip-flops from Old Navy.  And am sad to say that I have retired them but am happy to report that I got a new pair of the same basic black flip-flop from, non-other, than Old Navy.  Jac has said for AWHILE that I needed to get a new pair of the basic black flip-flop but I couldn't let mine go.  They were comfortable and molded to my feet....the only problem was that....yes, there was a hole.  So, when I went out shopping with my good friend, Angela.....I splurged and spent the few bucks on a new pair of these mamas.  So here's to my new flip flops!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up: Emery's Dance Recital

A proud little brother

Emery's Dance Class
They had such cute costumes!

Mother and Daughter

Emery all ready to go to her dance recital

After a year's worth of dancing, Emery had a dance recital!  She had so much fun and were with many girls from our neighborhood.  It was one of the first times she wore make-up....and it always makes me nervous to when she gets older.  I have such a beautiful girl!  Thanks to all the grandparents who came and made my little girls day special. 

Family Reunion

At the end of June, we had a family reunion at Jackson Hole.  It was a HUGE family reunion with about 50 people attending.  Everyone was there except my sister and her family and a cousin.  We missed them....but had fun nonetheless.  We did kayaking, hiking, boating, went to the Bar J Wranglers, the kids had a horse ride and of course we did lots of talking.  It was so fun to see all of our family! (And Lauren: I can't wait to see the pictures you took)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It is Father's Day Morning....and I am so far....having a quiet morning.  I was awoken by my dog barking to let him out to  use the "potty" and decided to cook up some rhodes cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Jac is sleeping....and I'm so excited to celebrate a day just for him! He totally deserves it.  He is a great dad and a wonderful hubby.   

Keep you posted on the rest of the day.

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there!!! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My New Niece

I am proud to announce that I have a new niece.... 

Adelaide Eden

She came Monday night and came into the world at 9 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long.  I am excited to see Kari and baby!  

Monday, June 1, 2009

January 9, 2010

Yes, at 9:20 this morning....I went to the doctor's for my first pregnancy visit!! My sweet husband came with me. After all the check-ups and stuff, we got an ultrasound...and I am 8 weeks and 2 days....to be exact. So that puts the baby due....JANUARY 9th!!! (a day after Emery's birthday) The baby is a perfect little jellybean. We are totally excited over here!

I haven't "thrown-up" yet but am extremely motion sensitive. Being in the car puts me over every time. I can tell when I need something to eat because I get really nauseous. But I'm great after I have some crackers or something. So, I haven't been really craving anything but have been wanting anything sweet. (so there goes my Weight Watchers!) Dang it! So, I guess I'm justifying that I can eat anything I want because 9 months down the road....when the baby is out....I know how to get the weight off again. I so need to change my thinking!! I know it's bad...it's just a phase...and I'm sure I'll get over it soon when I'm huge. haha.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Luck Sweets!

Today, Jac is speaking at the 360 Flex conference in Indianapolis.  He is excited to be there and to be presenting. I am "oh so proud" of him and his accomplishments.  I know that he wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for the talents that he has been blessed with.

I know Jac has been excited to talk "geek" for 3 days straight and to hang out with his brother, Tyler.  Those two always have something up their sleeves....either it be a good idea or a session where they just talk code.  I'm just glad that they have each other to talk "geek" with. =P

Thanks Tom and John for letting Jac be a speaker at 360 Flex!!        

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winston's New Name Is.....


Please meet for the 2nd time...Bobby!
(Please note: no more name changes)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As many of you know....Jac and I had a chance to go with my parents and Thabo to the Broadway showing of WICKED!  It was AMAZING....needless to say.  We had such a fun night with my parents and little bro.  Before the show, we went out to eat at a Thai restaurant and it was really good. It was just a perfect night.  When we got seated in our seats, we were in box seats right next to the stage.  We had AMAZING seats.  I was taking in everything and when I looked over to my right and I double glanced and I saw Pres. Uchtdorf!  Wow!!! What a cool opportunity!  Then I saw another crowd gathered around another person and it was Pres. Monson!  How cool is that!!!  So, I like to say that we went and saw WICKED with Pres. Monson and Pres. Uchtdorf.   

Jac's Bunkbeds - FINALLY!

Didn't Jac do a GREAT job!!!!  Here is the toddler bunk bed that Jac put together.  What he did was just take the kids toddler beds and built a frame and ladder for them.  Isn't he so creative?  The kids absolutely love their beds!!  Thanks so much sweets!


We actually renamed our dog....and his name is 


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bobby's First Night

Here I am sitting in bed with a faint "cry for help" bark coming from my kitchen.  I feel like Mr. and Mrs. Darling with their dog, Lady, on her first night at her new home.  Jac just fed him a treat and was quite for a little bit and now he is back to his sweet 7 week old bark....more like a "cry for help" yelp. =P  

Yes, for Mother's Day I got a puppy!  I'll post pics later.  But we did find him on KSL....just to let you know.  He is a shi tzu, maltese, poodle and pug mix.....and is so very cute!!!  Jac really likes the name Bobby but I wouldn't want to name our own little boy that....so naturally, Jac designated the puppy's name as Bobby.  And....I must say, it is slowly growing on me....but I can't really think of any other name that would be cute that is a real name and not a dog name.  Any suggestions??

How are the kids enjoying the puppy?  THEY LOVE HIM!!!  Emery wants to hold him every two seconds.  Ethan wants his fill of lovings from the puppy.  And Preston just laughs and pets him....and I must say sometimes he is testing his limits.  

So this Mother's Day....let us just see what I have put myself into.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where is my camera cord?????

It is sad to say that I still can't find my camera cord.  It is totally bugging me because I have so many things I want to blog about.

Like: Going to go see Wicked, kids just having fun, Me just having fun, Easter, Jac's bunkbeds.....the list goes on.  

So, thanks everybody for being patient.  I am not trying to be a slacker.  

It totally bugs.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love my hubby

I just have to brag about what a GREAT husband I have.  I was searching through old pics and created this collage.  (yes using Picasa for the Mac!) He loves being a dad.  Every night after we put the kids to bed, Jac always says, "I love our kids. We have the cutest kids in the whole world." Who wouldn't want a husband that dotes on your kids as much as you do.  

I love that he works hard so that I can stay home with the kids.  I love that he works hard so that we can food on the table and a roof over our head.  We have truly been blessed and I love how he has our best interests at heart.  
This past weekend we were going to get the yard prepped to put sod in, but it didn't work out this weekend....but we are going to get it in for NEXT weekend.  I am going to Logan for the day and when I come back....there should be a yard with Grass to come home to!  Yahoo-eee!  haha.

I love you sweets.  And I am so glad that I can be with you for eternity!!  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweets

sidenote: Jac just told me that they now have Picasa for the Mac!! I am totally excited to use it again and can't wait to find my camera cord and make some fun collages for you guys. 

But today is my hubby's birthday!!!!!  Today, I made German Pancakes for breakfast....and they were mighty good.  Jac worked in the morning and is spending the rest of the day with us!  The kids and I went to the store and got some birthday goodies and picked up Zupa's for lunch.  I am so excited they have one near us now.  I love their Tomato Basil soup mixed with their Cauliflower soup....mmmm...

Tonight, the kids are getting watched and Jac and I are going to go to Happy Sumo for dinner.  My sis-in-law organized the dinner hang-out with some other couples....so it should be a lot of fun.  I am kind-of scared to go to Happy Sumo and try out their sushi....but it should be good!  I'll update you later.

I love you Jacob!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My 28th Birthday!

I had a great birthday!  A BIG portion of my birthday present was going to go visit Morgan in Oregon.  On Sunday, before we left, she made angel food cake (FROM SCRATCH!)  and it was soooo delicious.  Joel made pizza which was perfect.  Thank you Morg and Joel!  Dinner was great! 

I got home late and the house was perfectly clean.  I opened up the garage and there had been some projects going on while I was away.  There was wood pieces and tools all over.  What had Jac been doing while I had been gone???  I first initially thought of the deck, but when checked...that wasn't the case.  So what had he beed doing?  Well....My cute hubbie had cleaned the whole house while watching the kids AND had washed all the laundry.  Nice b-day so far!  Then I walked into the kids room and lo and behold....his project!  Jac had moved Preston into the kids room....AND he had made a bunk bed for Emmy and Ethan!!!  (Pics to come)  He was actually creative while assembling it.  He used their toddler bed as frames and built around them.  (I would really put pics on here BUT I can't find my camera cord)  

In the morning Jac made me breakfast and gave me many games that will be fun to play.  He gave me "Ticket to Ride"  which I really wanted!  Thank you sweetie!!!  It was a nice sunny day so pretty much the kids and I spent all day outside enjoying the sunshine.  Then for dinner we headed over to AppleBee's and to Maggie Moo's for dessert.  So pretty basically, I'm saying that I got spoiled on my birthday!  Thank you!!!

The Fam at AppleBee's

Presters at Maggie Moo's.  We were all sitting at a table eating and he was at another table having fun pushing the chairs around.  What a cutie!

Emery at Maggie Moo's.  She had Bubblegum Icecream with Gum ball's.

Ethan is showing off his Cotton Candy Icecream.  He wouldn't take of his Transformer glasses that he got from his mommy from Oregon.

And I had to show off my cute outfit!  The cute jacket is from my sis that she let me borrow.  Thanks Morg!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 3 & 4: Pictures

Here is Sage's killer dimples.  She was so fun since I seemed to be picked a favorite over my mom!  

What can I say....self portrait??

Enjoying the sunny weather while at home, in Utah, there was SNOW!

A small homemade tortilla.  My sister is amazing....she cooks everything from scratch!  And it seems that everything she makes from scratch turns out to be the YUMMIEST.

I had to catch this on camera.  My mom cooking!  (ha, we just give her a hard time about the cooking thing...we love you Mom!)

This is how we watched Conference.  They could only listen to Conference via the internet so we propped up a window and listened to it from out on their front porch basking in the sun!  Thanks Morg and Joel for such a fun and relaxing time!  I loved being with your cute little family and spending time with your kids.  Thanks again!

*Okay, I think I got some days mixed up....but you get the idea....I had a BLAST in Oregon*