Thursday, December 4, 2008

My New Find....

My friend Rheanna, yeah...the long lost friend from the good ol' days in Aussie Land...yeah, that Rheanna, is starting up a business and I checked out her site...and I totally love it! They are selling awesome tutu's, to die for baby stuff, and aprons that are any cooks "must have." Take a look at:

Lately, I have been wanting a cute apron. My husband and I recieved aprons with an outdoors/hunting theme for a wedding gift- not so pretty - and have decided that it was time for a change (loooonnng overdue). Then I was thinking about all the mom's in my life who need an extra little "pazazz" in the kitchen and wanted to get them all aprons. Take a look at these cute aprons:

I love my new find, thank you Rheanna. Good Luck.

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Morgan and Joel said...

Is this a not so subtle hint for a Christmas gift?