Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day was so much fun! We had reservations at a lodge about 45 min away right next to Zions National Park. It was so beautiful and it rained all day. I loved being with family. And needless to say there was TONS and TONS of food. Yummy! We didn't feel too bad about eating till we were so full we couldn't even move...because it only happens once a year. At the lodge there was a little museum of "stuffed" animals and the kids loved seeing different animals and running around. I am so grateful for all my many blessing I have. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family.

We went back to our condo and played Settlers of Catan and my mom and I won both times we played. We will definitely have to have a rematch sometime. The day after Thanksgiving, my mom and I shopped till we dropped. We hit the Children's Place outlet and went crazy! We seriously were there for HOURS....and it was so fun! The dad's took the kids and roamed the outlets, fed the kids, and put them down for a nap....and my mom and I were still shopping! Thankyou Dad and Jac for watching the kids while we shopped all day. And Thanks Mom for letting me be your shopping buddy. I love you guys!

My dad talking to a friend he met while at the Lodge.
Jac driving to the Lodge. (he doesn't like pics, and if he is going to make faces like this...I might as well post them) hehe

The boys sleeping on the way to our Thanksgiving Feast!
The gang on Thanksgiving Day!!!


Dione said...

I love that last picture! Here your kids are, all comfy in their large car seats, and your parents & brother look stuffed in the back! So cute!

Di said...

Tom does the SAME thing with pics, I can never get a normal one! Guys, Sheesh!