Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Lights

I am definitely playing catch-up. Our family went to see the Temple Square Lights with Jac's family. It was a fun Christmas outing! We caught the Trax up to Temple Square and had a fun time walking around and enjoying the beautiful Christmas Lights! It was so busy and crazy...and we actually saw our friends there: the Palmer Peeps! The kids loved it...they actually had a blast riding the "train." So, I am excited to go next year. Jac's fam showed us the ropes on how to have a great time. Thanks! (and those who were not there were surely missed!)

Here's Ethan showing me how fun he is having on the train. He loved looking at his reflection in the windows...actually, all the kids did!

Best Cousins!

Preston staying warm in his winter gear. He's so cute!

Jac's parents

Little Lyncoln and Evan

Emery, Seth and Liam enjoying the nativity scene program at Temple Square

Oh yeah...I forgot! On the way back home from the lights, we hopped on the train as fast as possible. Ethan and Emery hopped on, then Jac handed me Preston and we jumped on and then as Jac was folding up the double stroller to put onto Trax and the doors closed on him. He was left behind! So needless to say, the ride home was somewhat exciting...well, for Jac it was....hehe. So about 20 min later we met up with Jac at our destination and drove home.

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Rochelle said...

That's crazy that he got left behind!!! Sure sounds like fun though!!!