Friday, November 21, 2008

A Blast from the Past

You know whenever you are friends with someone, and you don't see each other for like 11 years, and your paths cross and it's like you never left each other....well that's what it was like with my friend Rheanna!! Okay, apart from living in various places, marriage and 3 kids later...but you get the idea, right? (okay, to give you a little background, Rheanna's dad and my dad were stationed in Australia the same time, and Rheanna and I quickly became friends!)

Well, I met my dear friend at McDonald's Playplace and had our kids run wild while we caught up. It was sooo nice and she looked great! I love it when I see friends happy with their lives. It is amazing and "out of this world" to be reconnecting with friends from the past. Thanks for having lunch with me Rheanna. It really made my day.


Rheanna said...

I had a great time! The kids have done nothing but talk about your kids, so we'll definitely have to play again soon!

Morgan and Joel said...

I'm so jealous!!!!! I hope you told her i from me!!!