Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Christmas Eve was like in my family as a child

Warning:  This is an attempt to write down my memories before I forget them! (ha) My sister wrote a blog post about journal writing, and it really inspired me.  So, if you want to breeze past this post, you can.  I just pulled this question out of a journal jar thingy.  

What was Christmas Eve like....hmmm...let me think.  I remember my Grandma's house during the holidays.  I love the smell of her house, and it brings back so many memories.  Maybe not certain events but feelings of love, security, warmth and faith.  My Grandparents always have a great big Christmas tree that is beautifully decorated in their front room.  It is so peaceful.  I love to sit in her front room, and if you really listen the Spirit of Christmas is present.  In my Grandma's front room, I have often contemplated about Christs birth and how much the gospel means everything to me in my life.  

On a lighter note, when I was younger, Christmas Eve was always exciting.  We always acted out the "Nativity" scene from the scriptures.  We would eat popcorn balls, that was an inevitable family tradition recipe during the Christmas season.  We would always get a pair of new pj's from Santa's helper.  On Christmas Eve, there is something in the air that rings of Christ's Birth.  (and also the excitement of hearing Santa's Reindeer on top of the roof)  Often times I would fall asleep with such anticipation.  In the morning, my brother would come and wake everybody up and we would run into my parents bedroom and jump on them to wake them up.  Always screaming, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  S-l-o-w-l-y, my dad would get up and check to see if Santa came.  All of us kids would have to brush our teeth before we could go check out and see if "Santa came."  We would line up at the top of the stairs from youngest to oldest.  My dad would video tape us coming down the stairs and wishing our family a "Merry Christmas."  Around the tree, my dad would hand out our Christmas gifts one by one so we can watch everyone open their presents.  I love this because then you can actually see a person's reaction when you are so excited for them to open the gift you got for them.  (The act of giving is always good during Christmas) And with tradition, we always had a yummy breakfast casserole after all the presents were opened.  (which by the way, I need the recipe)

I am so grateful to my parents for giving me such great memories during the Christmas season. They have taught me by their examples and love how to truly "give" during Christmas.  Love you guys!


Morgan and Joel said...

I enjoyed reminiscing with you! Always good food and lots of family and fun. I sure do love Christmas and am excited for next year to see you AND n8! Mom and dad's house is going to be FULL!

Sarah Turley said...

Love those family pics! They look awesome. You have such a cute family. I hope mine is as cute.

Rochelle said...

Christmas is so much fun!!! Love the look of the new blog!!!