Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Halloween Party

Every year we have a Halloween Party with Jac's extended family.  It is his Grandma's big event.  She makes Pillow cases for the grand kids every year.  So we enjoy family we haven't seen forever and are fed.  What more could you ask for? Here are some pics of the big party.

Emmy is Princess Leia this year.  She really wanted to be her, so I went with the Star Wars theme.  I couldn't find any "Leia" wigs so I bought a pair of brown tights that we form into buns and wa-laa a wig!

Preston is our little Yoda.

Ethan is a Storm Trooper.  He wanted the costume because he's a "bad guy."  So he is a "bad guy" for Halloween this year.  He also calls his mask a helmet.  He is so funny!


Morgan and Joel said...

I LOVE the costumes. I'm very impressed with your creativity. I would have never thought of using tights. And Preston's ears are adorable. I bet Ethan loves the helmet - has he tried it out riding the little car?

Kristin said...

Britt, your kids are absolutely adorable! I agree with Morgan, Preston's ears are adorable!

Dione said...

I'm thinking you should have a few more children since they turn out so well - they're adorable!