Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Colter Bay: Day 1 and 2

We ventured up  to Colter Bay and drove the six almost seven hours to get there.  The kids were great driving up there.  I had gotten car sick, so we stopped frequently.  Right when we left, Emery said she needed to go and so we stopped in at my parents to use their "potty" and 20 min. later we were back on the road.  It is just so nice to get away for awhile.  So pretty much "Day 1" was driving.  It was so pretty to see the beautiful mountains and we caught a glimpse of some buffalo.  We got there and my sister-in-law cooked us up some dinner....and we had made it!  
Day 2 - We woke up and got ready to go on a hike.  Jac and the guys went fishing.  We hiked to a pond where it was full of huge lily pads.  Jac's mom hooked up the kids with a vacation pack that she got each of her grandkids a little backpack filled with a hat, bandana, binoculars, sun glasses, a pen, bug catching stuff, a kazoo and harmonica. (I'm sure I've missed stuff...but needless to say, a week worth of fun) The hike was fun and the kids actually did pretty well.  We hung around and enjoyed nature...and then we had tin foils for dinner.  We ate pretty late because we had a lot of "green" wood and it took forever to catch!  So, it tasted soo good because we were hungry.    


Rochelle said...

Wow, how fun. I like the idea of the bags that your mom did.

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Wow, you can't even see an inch of that lake.. good job organizing it all!

vickiticki said...

I remember when you were that little!!! There's nothing like Colter Bay!! Hugs to you Brit!!