Friday, June 27, 2008

Terrific Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, I try and do something fun.  My mom did this with my little brother, and so now I am doing it with my kids.  So this past Tuesday, my friends and I went and did something terrific. We went to Thanksgiving Pointe Gardens.  We went in the later afternoon and it was perfect.  It was so much fun for my kids to get out and let their energy out...and me too!  So, if anybody wants to come to our Terrific Tuesdays outings, come right along.  I would love anybody and everybody to come.  Thanks for all those who did come this past Tuesday, you guys are great!

My beautiful Emery 

The kids feeding the fish

The kids having fun splashing in the water


Hadlock Hideaway said...

I love Terrific Tuesdays! Your pictures turned out great!

Kristin said...

That sounds great! I want to come! You should come to Rexburg sometime . . . :)

Glennard said...

(THis is really Kristen) That sounds awesome, Britt! I want to come along! Keep me posted

Rochelle said...

It was so much fun. Thanks for letting me invite myself:)

Brittany Wright said...

Whatever are always invited!