Friday, June 27, 2008

Jac's Last Day

Today, is Jac's last day at mediaRAIN.  Starting on Monday -June 28-, he is leaping out on his own and doing contract work.  I am very excited for him and our family.  For his last day at work,  they are having a BBQ and a gaming party. (aka. LAN party)  I am so proud of you sweetie.   Thanks for always working so hard to support your family.  Love ya!    

Terrific Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, I try and do something fun.  My mom did this with my little brother, and so now I am doing it with my kids.  So this past Tuesday, my friends and I went and did something terrific. We went to Thanksgiving Pointe Gardens.  We went in the later afternoon and it was perfect.  It was so much fun for my kids to get out and let their energy out...and me too!  So, if anybody wants to come to our Terrific Tuesdays outings, come right along.  I would love anybody and everybody to come.  Thanks for all those who did come this past Tuesday, you guys are great!

My beautiful Emery 

The kids feeding the fish

The kids having fun splashing in the water

He can crawl!

My baby is crawling.  I can't believe it.  Preston is growing up too fast...he's 7 months!  This video was taken a few days ago, and I can already see he's improved.  So, now that he has crawling down...he's taken the next step and is pulling himself up on everything! Last night was the first night he pulled himself up in his crib and was standing (and crying)...but loving the new view. (that consists of a straight shot to mom and dad)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our first family camp out!

We went camping this past weekend! We went up to Tanners Flat for Friday night and spent all Saturday up there.  It was so peaceful and green.  It was the first camping trip with all the family. We had gone with Emery to Goblin Valley when she was 4 -5 months, but other than that, no camping here.  We went up with family and loved every minute we spent together.  We went on a hike and all of the kids were such troopers.  Emery led the way, with her cousin close behind.  Jac and I stayed back and walked with Ethan.  He got more adventurous as we hiked along...and had to step on every rock we passed by the end of the day.  We are so proud of our kids!  Even though our camping trip was short we had the works....eating tin-foil dinners, having s'mores, hiking, roasting hot dogs, making rock creatures, and hanging out with the fam. (which was the best part!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day was great.  All of us went to bed late on Saturday, and then Ethan and Emery woke up at 6:30 am! So, I took the time and prepared breakfast while the kids made a card for their daddy.  So when it was time to wake up their daddy, he got woken up by them tickling his toes! (Emery's idea...I thought it was cute)
Here is a video of Ethan telling us what we prepared Jac for breakfast.

....if you can't tell, we got him oranges and coffee cake. I love how he is whispering since Jac is still trying to get up.
Then at 9:00, we dashed off to church.  I made these Father's day cards for all of the Nursery just to let you know, we did 40 cards.  (Thank you Angela for helping, I couldn't have done it without you)

*If you want to know how to do this card, click on this link.*

So, we gave Jac an automatic ice cream maker...which he is excited for.  From my parents, he got a hatchet and a pocket knife that is good of carving pieces of wood.  I am so grateful for Jacob and all that he does.  He is perfect...for me! I love you babe.

The Deck

Okay, has been an ongoing project, but the deck is fully ready to walk on! Jac worked hard on it the other day, and I'm loving going out there an sitting on our deck.  (It gives us a different perspective from the neighbors, you better close your blinds.  haha, just kidding)  The next adventure is to get all of the weeds out of the backyard, now that the deck is (almost) finished.  Thank you Jacob!

 * Do you like my chairs that were on a huge sale at IKEA.  The greatest thing is that I got a patio table (not pictured) for $10) *

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emery's Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures that my friend took of Emery.  It was during the big birthday bash, and she just took Emery aside and got some really cute pics.  Thanks Rochelle!

Thanksgiving Point, Here We Come!

Today, I went to Farm Country with some friends and bought a year pass to Thanksgiving Point.  I am so excited! We will be able to go to Farm Country, the Gardens, and the Dinosaur Museum all year long without paying a dime.  So, if you're going....don't hesitate to invite me along.  (plus, if you don't have a pass, I can get you in at 1/2 price...that's right members privilege)

When Ethan knew we were going to ride ponies...he said he wanted to ride a "Big Horse."  Farm Country only has small ponies...but not today.  Ethan picked the only horse there, that in fact was the "Big Horse" he was talking about. It was so tall that I thought Ethan would fall off, so I walked around with him just incase.  I love my boy...I love my kids!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having fun in the Sun!

I just thought these were cute pictures.  We went outside to play in our front yard and just took my camera along.  Emery is holding a flag that she "won" in her summer camp.  It was the first day and they did the "Summer Olympics."  She told us that they did gymnastics, raced each other, read books, and learned the "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar" song.                          

Here is Preston moving around.  He's pulling up on my leg, and loves to move around. (and not quite crawling...yet!)
Ethan is so cute.  Check out that "white" hair!
So, it got hot and we had Otter Pops.  After we finished Emmy was filling her empty wrapper with water to water our plants...she was amazed that they were growing...little did I know that she was watering a weed. (or by Emery's terms: "a small plant")

Happy Birthday Ben & Erik

About a week ago, I helped my friend with her boys' birthday bash.  Her boys' wanted a Buzz Lightyear/Woody party.  She gave half of the children coming a cowboy hat, a badge, and a handkerchief.  For all of the Buzz Lightyear fans, she took it upon herself to make Buzz Lightyear jet packs for the other half.  We had to try them on for size.  

It was really fun.  The party was a HUGE hit.  Along with these wonderful outfits, there was Humpty Dumpty coloring pages, "galaxy" bottles, digging for "moon rocks"and army men, shooting a rocket into a "van", horse races, sponge ball-thingys, cupcakes, ice cream, and pinatas.  Happy Birthday Erik and Ben! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Go Paula, Go Paula

My friend's kids had been sick all week...and going onto a second.  She was saying the she thought she was going forward and getting over the sickness....but then was held back.  Anyway, I broke into song and started singing this song to her and thought you would enjoy this little blast from the past.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You're almost there buddy....

Since Preston has had his first bite of solid food, he seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  It doesn't seem that long ago that he learned how to sit up...and this video shows that he is almost ready to crawl.  Where did my baby go?  Well, at 6 1/2 months he loves to pound on the key board, put things in his mouth, watch his brother and sister, smile, fling his arms in the air, get help to stand, be outside, drool like crazy over everything, eat non-baby solid foods, get from point A to point B, and of course, be with his mommy.