Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mission: Organization

Jac was getting frustrated that the kids room was disorganized, and he didn't know where to find anything....soon I felt the same way. So I had an idea in my head, and went to go venture at the store to live out my idea. I got a little bookcase that I thought would work and that my fabric boxes would fit nicely into. But I put together and the boxes didn't fit! So, I had to rethink my idea. So here was the beginning:

And here is the end result:

I cleaned out their toys and put them in large tuperware boxes and put them in the closet. So, half of their closet acts as a play area. The bookcase I got has a door, so the books don't seem to be the clutter. I am quite happy about it. I also bought them bed sheets at Target. If anyone is interested, take a look:
Don't worry I got Ethan the blue pink for my boy. =P
This is just the beginning of their room makeover. I believe my next stop will be....IKEA.


Morgan and Joel said...

Cute sheets. Being organized is my middle name, so of course Jack's toys look just like that... ;P Good for you!

Oh, and I LOVE IKEA, hope you find nice stuff there too.

Jerry and Vernon said...

What a great idea! I love how when you put your mind to something you do it.

Kristin said...

Britt--IKEA IS THE BOMB! I wouldn't suggest going in unless you have at least 100 bucks to spend, and a couple of hours to spare. Have you been there yet? I fell in love with IKEA years ago while I was living in NY. I'm excited they finally brought one to Utah . . . now if only we lived THERE too!

Lauren said...

Looks great Britt!

I love IKEA!

Rochelle said...

Want to come to my house next???