Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

(The kids would not hold still for a picture, this is the best I got)

I hope everyone had a great Easter. With the fun festivities before Easter, Easter at the Wrights' house was let's just say....RELAXING. We spent it together as our little family. We went to church, the kids played on their new scooters, played games and enjoyed the beautiful Easter day. I am truly grateful for Jesus and that he was resurrected so that I may be also. It is a wonderful blessing...and speaking of blessings, my kids are one of the many blessings I get to enjoy. Check out last Easter's pictures to this years:

Easter 2007

Easter 2008


Stacy said...

Cute kids! I love Emmy's dress so much!!! (This is Stacy)

Jerry and Vernon said...

Way cute outfits. I love Ethan's suit that is so cute. I swear any boy/man looks ten times better in suit. Love the picture!


Lauren said...

Britt! They are all so adorable! I think you did great getting pictures! Happy Easter to you!

I can't believe how much they've grown (and that your family has grown by one more) since last year. It's so wonderful!

Love you!

Morgan and Joel said...

So, where is the Easter pic of you????? :)