Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

This past Sunday, Grandma Tanner had us all over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. It was quite frankly....awesome! We had dinner and then the fun festivities began. Every little boy and girl gathered around the basement door...and were anxiously awaiting the door to open to fly downstairs to look for eggs. And so it began....Thabo did a good job hiding eggs and Easter baskets. The kids were thrilled to each find eggs and their very own baskets. Once the kids found them, the rest is history. Eating candy was Claire's favorite thing to do...she was on the hunt...and so very cute! She got to wear Ethan's blue jammie top because she thought it was fun to play in the toilet water...and soon got Ethan's jammie top wet soon after. Ethan loved hitting his Grandpa with the Chinese yoyo...which was really funny. Emery was overjoyed about everything, and I love that she is getting older to really get involved and understand what is going on. I tried getting pictures of everyone, but looking back, I missed a few. Sorry! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Tanner and Mom for making Easter fun for the little ones.

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Lauren said...

That sounds like so much fun Britt! I wish we could have been there! I love the collage!