Monday, March 31, 2008

Another "Shrek"

What is a mom without tormenting her kids, right? I was having fun with Preston...and for some reason he looks a lot like Shrek on his shirt that Grandma Chapin gave him. It may be just me...but it makes me laugh. But just to redeem him, here is a picture of him sitting up on his own. He is getting better, just not quite there yet. I love my little Preston!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

We made chocolate chip cookies! Ethan and Emery were such big helpers. They each took a turn pouring in ingredients. I am so proud of them. I should do more cooking experiences with them. Though, with chocolate chip cookies, I am still trying to find the perfect recipe. So, if any of you know a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, send it my way. It would be greatly appreciated. The kids loved eating the dough.

Emery is holding a horsey that she made in preschool. She colored it with every color of the rainbow. It was cowboy/cowgirl week. All week they learned about what it meant by being a cowboy/cowgirl and then they finished up the week with a "round-up." She had a ball! I got a bit side-tracked there, but as you can see with eating so many makes one a little silly. Emmy and Ethan were making silly faces while sounding out the "jungle call" like Tarzan. I must say, it was pretty cute and funny. Overall, the cookies were a smash hit!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

(The kids would not hold still for a picture, this is the best I got)

I hope everyone had a great Easter. With the fun festivities before Easter, Easter at the Wrights' house was let's just say....RELAXING. We spent it together as our little family. We went to church, the kids played on their new scooters, played games and enjoyed the beautiful Easter day. I am truly grateful for Jesus and that he was resurrected so that I may be also. It is a wonderful blessing...and speaking of blessings, my kids are one of the many blessings I get to enjoy. Check out last Easter's pictures to this years:

Easter 2007

Easter 2008

Is it actually Spring outside?

Today, is so beautiful! I was driving home from picking Emmy up from school, and lo and behold I believe I saw buds forming on the trees outside. Thinking that it is not going to be cold for very much longer, just puts me in a good mood. wohoo!
And yes, this is our tree...and spring is here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

This past Sunday, Grandma Tanner had us all over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. It was quite frankly....awesome! We had dinner and then the fun festivities began. Every little boy and girl gathered around the basement door...and were anxiously awaiting the door to open to fly downstairs to look for eggs. And so it began....Thabo did a good job hiding eggs and Easter baskets. The kids were thrilled to each find eggs and their very own baskets. Once the kids found them, the rest is history. Eating candy was Claire's favorite thing to do...she was on the hunt...and so very cute! She got to wear Ethan's blue jammie top because she thought it was fun to play in the toilet water...and soon got Ethan's jammie top wet soon after. Ethan loved hitting his Grandpa with the Chinese yoyo...which was really funny. Emery was overjoyed about everything, and I love that she is getting older to really get involved and understand what is going on. I tried getting pictures of everyone, but looking back, I missed a few. Sorry! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Tanner and Mom for making Easter fun for the little ones.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Princesses on Ice

Yes, I went to Princesses on Ice...oh, and so did Emery, Jacky and Mom. It was so fun! I got parking right across the street from the Energy Solutions Center...which was perfect. And met right up with Mom and Jacky. We walked around before we sat down and all I can say is that the shopping there was a little girls dream...everything PRINCESS. Em and Jacky got Ariel wands pictured below, that have Ariel on the bottom and a shimmering shell on top. And every time you push a button on Ariel's back the shell glows and plays "Under the Sea." So we sat down and had perfect seats...12 rows from the main presentation. The ice skating, costumes, and singing were spectacular. They really did an excellent job! They even had a fire breathing dragon that Prince Phillip had to fight to kiss Princess Aurora...and truly, he actually blew fire that lit up the ice rink. Thanks really know how to make a little girls dream come true!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Em's Trial Curls

Today, I am trying to do Emery's hair in curlers. I thought it might be fun and I'm going to see if it works out. I am just glad that Em will let me even try. Thanks Sweet Pea!



and still waiting...

Tadaa! A success? She said, "Oh, I want it to be longer."

Love that girl! The curls, I think, are a little too tight for my taste. I will have to try again. But the flower clip she has is soo cute! It clips onto headbands and beanie hats. I guess this is what a mom does when her boys are sick. haha.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My little Picasso

We have a little artist on our hands. We have a big box of computer paper in our office. Jac and I agreed that would last us forever...until Emery found a passion to draw. It used to be that Jac and I would say "Oh, just get the computer paper to draw on" then we found piles and piles of white computer paper throughout the house....and less computer paper when we need it. So, thinking about my little girls new found talent, I got her a notebook of her very own that she could use...but apparently she still loves picking out blank computer paper to draw on. I'm so glad she has found a talent and is loving it. She is starting to draw a picture and asking how to spell it. My little girl is so beautiful!
(Top Left: Train, Our house, Family when I was pregnant with Preston; Middle: Clifford, Tarzan, Giraffe; Bottom: Lion, Fairy, Clifford crying)