Friday, February 22, 2008

Preston's Milestone

Preston is a perfect baby...and such a good good boy. Today, I layed him on his tummy, for of course "tummy time" and then I looked and he was on his back and he quickly rolled onto his tummy again. Way to go Preston!


Jerry and Vernon said...

That's so exciting. Isn't it sad how fast they grow up even before our eyes? I don't know how they manage to grow up so fast without us really knowing it. How come other people can always tell when my kids have grown but I can't ever really tell? Good job Preston!

Jerry and Vernon said...

It's Kari just in case you forgot who J&V is.

The Smith said...

Way to go Preston!

Lauren said...

Hurray for Preston! I'm so proud of you! You cute little guy!

Your Auntie Lo