Monday, February 11, 2008

My First Attempt

okay, this is my first attempt to welcome myself into the land of bloggers. Thank you, Thank you. In deciding on what my blog address should be, I came up with my cheesy names, like "wrightstuff" even "wrightstuffbaby" and "wearefamily" thinking that people would sing a tune while looking at my blog, but to my dismay...they were taken. (okay, I'll admit, wrightstuffbaby wasn't taken but I couldn't bring myself to use it) :)

I will attempt to be a faithful blogger but one who has 3 kids, one can never tell. haha. I'll try my best.


Morgan and Joel said...

Britt, you crack me up.

Lauren said...

Welcome to the blogging world Britt! I'm so glad you have one now! Way to go you! I'll be checking it regularly! It looks great!

Love ya lots,

Nathan said...

I think you got the wright stuff, baby. Even if it's just the life of britt.