Friday, February 29, 2008

Book Club

Man, this has been a hectic week. I find myself stressed more often than I would like. Keeping the house clean for selling is stressful enough but also my kids have been sick. I'm excited our realtor just called and we have 2 showings for tomorrow. Hopefully, one will want to buy. =)
But if not, the Lord has something else planned for my cute little family. But I had a little break from the kids when my wonderful and handsome hubby Jac watched them yesterday while I went to my 2nd book club meeting. We are reading LDS books, and at first I was sceptical but after reading "A Quiet Heart" by Patricia T. Holland, my viewed changed. It was so uplifting to read a good book during my times of stress. She talked about being a mother and that there are divine qualities that us women have to contribute to the world. She talked about having a quiet time during the day so you could ponder and put your focuses on what really matters. So, I'm excited to read the next book...which I forgot the title to...but nonetheless ready to read. I'll get this book club stuff down...someday.


Lauren said...

I'm sorry you have sick kiddos! That's no fun for them or you! I hope they feel better soon. We've had sick ones here too, but we're not trying to sell our house! Good luck! I hope you'll get a buyer soon! I'm glad you were able to go to book club too. That's so fun! You deserve to have that time! You are such a good Mommy!
Love you!

Morgan and Joel said...

I'm sorry too that you've guys have been sick. Hope that the house showing went well. I really appreciated your thoughts on your book. Would you recommend it to others?

Brittany Wright said...

yes, i would recommend it to others. And just to let you know, I went to the doc's yesterday and I have pink eye. So now 2 sick me! I'll just be glad when kids it's all over.

Brittany Wright said...

oops..when it's all over.