Friday, February 29, 2008

Book Club

Man, this has been a hectic week. I find myself stressed more often than I would like. Keeping the house clean for selling is stressful enough but also my kids have been sick. I'm excited our realtor just called and we have 2 showings for tomorrow. Hopefully, one will want to buy. =)
But if not, the Lord has something else planned for my cute little family. But I had a little break from the kids when my wonderful and handsome hubby Jac watched them yesterday while I went to my 2nd book club meeting. We are reading LDS books, and at first I was sceptical but after reading "A Quiet Heart" by Patricia T. Holland, my viewed changed. It was so uplifting to read a good book during my times of stress. She talked about being a mother and that there are divine qualities that us women have to contribute to the world. She talked about having a quiet time during the day so you could ponder and put your focuses on what really matters. So, I'm excited to read the next book...which I forgot the title to...but nonetheless ready to read. I'll get this book club stuff down...someday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Preston's Milestone

Preston is a perfect baby...and such a good good boy. Today, I layed him on his tummy, for of course "tummy time" and then I looked and he was on his back and he quickly rolled onto his tummy again. Way to go Preston!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Cat Free

I did it. I gave Zelda away. You see, Zelda and I have a "love - hate" relationship. At times I am glad we had him, and at times not so much. I told Emery if we ever moved we would have to get rid of the cat. And, seeing that we signed papers last seems official. I put Zelda on an add in our local newspaper about a week ago and a week later, I found a good home for him. So when I knew they were coming to pick him up this afternoon, a little bit of my heart was sad. But I knew it would be best. No, I'm glad we had the experience to have a kitty, but let's just will be awhile before we get another pet. The couple who got him was a couple who had to leave their gray cat when they moved and suprisingly, their cat and Zelda looked identical. They love Zelda and I hope he is happy in his new home. Emery did awesome, I've been talking about Zelda going to a new home, she gave him right to her new owner. Ethan cried because we had to give Zelda's toy away.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My weekend

Okay, I felt like I've deprived myself from writing since Jac was working on the whole weekend, which I am grateful, thankyou Jac. I've been crazy busy trying to keep the house clean and presentable. We still don't know about the house we've put an offer in. Either way is fine, I just want to know.
On Friday, we went over to Jac's co-workers house and played a game called Heroscapes. I got to be Cap't America, Venom, and some other big superhero. It was pretty fun. Saturday my friend helped me paint over black smoke that has been there for about a year in my kitchen. And let me tell looks gooood. On Sunday, went to church and went over the the parents house for dinner. Dad cooked a yummy dinner...which had asparagus. Let me repeat for my brother Nate, yes...Asparagus :) Then on Monday, we went and saw the movie "Fool's Gold" which was pretty fun.
Oh and let me tell everyone, that I have the cutest kids in the world. Emery loves to draw. She wrote letters to the g'parents and I told her what letter to write and she wrote it. Ethan is a big goof ball. He is starting the "terrible two's" but on the most part is a happy little boy. Preston is connecting with people more. He is laughing and smiles a whole bunch. I love his smile because his eyes smile too. Okay, this is pretty long entry. Thanks for reading. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! It has been a good day because we had someone look at our townhouse. We only put it on the market Tuesday morning and we already had two people look at it. Our house has never been cleaner....seriously. (So if you want your house to be clean, just put it on the market! heheh)
Also, this past Saturday was Jac and mine's 6th year anniversary. Crazy! While the parents watched the kiddos, Jac and I went to a movie and to the Dodo. The best turkey sandwiches with the Dodo bbq sauce ever! You can never get enough of their Toll house pie. Mmmm....
So this Valentines Day, Jac is working a little bit late tonight but my friend and I are having a nice dinner while our husbands are away. We are going to have Salmon, fresh mashed potatoes, asparagus, and salad. For dessert, I'm making my grandma's famous fudge sauce. We'll have a wonderful night, and come home just in time to watch "LOST."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The joys of being a mother

Alright, I can't believe I'm on here again. Two days in a row, wohoo! Last night I was talking to my sister and we were laughing about what we could blog was quite the conversation. :)
Anyway, I thought of my cute son and how he put some toilet paper in the toilet (and yes, still attached to the toilet roll ) and flushed. So as the water was draining the toilet bowl, the toilet roll was unraveling. - A perfect way to clog the toilet, I might add - He looked so cute mischievious little boy.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My First Attempt

okay, this is my first attempt to welcome myself into the land of bloggers. Thank you, Thank you. In deciding on what my blog address should be, I came up with my cheesy names, like "wrightstuff" even "wrightstuffbaby" and "wearefamily" thinking that people would sing a tune while looking at my blog, but to my dismay...they were taken. (okay, I'll admit, wrightstuffbaby wasn't taken but I couldn't bring myself to use it) :)

I will attempt to be a faithful blogger but one who has 3 kids, one can never tell. haha. I'll try my best.